On reading and books

I stopped reading last year when we no longer had to travel to work. The 35 minute commute each way would be my solace, the sounds in the train carriage would become a faraway background noise while I am engrossed into my book. I would chose only those books to read which would not be too heavy to lug around since I carried only one bag – book + food + wallet + weather specific accessory ( umbrella/ scarf/ hat ) all in one backpack. I travelled with a book all of my working life barring few occasions when I would forget to replace a read book in my bag. Now there is an interesting story as to how I build my stash of books. 

We have a book exhibition every year organised by a non-profit organisation in different suburbs across the calendar year. All proceeds from the sale go to the welfare duties done by the organisation. They have various categories of books catering for all ages and genres. You pick any book and the cost is a dollar. Some children’s books are even priced at 20 and 50 cents. The first time I visited the exhibition in my suburb I was naturally spoilt for choice. I carried a bag full of goodies and came back twice to make a stash to last an year. It was a delight to rummage through old and new authors and try out new genres. The best part is we can also donate books to the exhibition which is then categorised and put up for sale. The second year I gave back about 50 books and picked up a 60. $60 spent for a good cause and I have books to last an year or more. I found I don’t always make a good choice in choosing authors but the number is not too high. 2019 saw me give away many books again and I am now down to 40.

Zack knows about the book day many weeks in advance due to my constant reminders. I don’t make breakfast and am out before anyone wakes up. Moo will take a look at her set which I select and scream why didn’t I take her too and then we go together again 😂

With the pandemic the exhibition didn’t go ahead this year. But I didn’t miss it either since I couldn’t get myself to read at home at all 😩😩 There are so many books sitting unread that it can easily last another year. 

I picked up a book on whim today and to my horror I found I am so slow!! In the time I finished a page I used to read three 😳😳😳 I am reading Miss You by Kate Eberlen after this long hiatus, hope it doesn’t disappoint!

The real magic

I got the fourth book in this series first in my hand. Papa’s visits to Chennai always made him visit the Moore Market and get some books for us, invariably before boarding the train due to the close proximity of the market. Why and how he picked this particular book I do not know, but what I do know is made me fall hook, line and sinker into the world of magic. When I started reading, I could not understand some bits of it, too many whys and hows hovered in my mind. I finished the book in 3 days and was impatiently waiting to lay my hands to the first three. I finished each of the book subsequently, more often in a single shot, only sleeping because I had to be awake the next day. Friendship, love, honor, trust, courage, grief, sorrow, death and what not, were woven so intricately and most importantly believably. Philosophy was never so interesting, as was the turmoil of a teenage heart.

To the lady who introduced us to the world of magic

Happy birthday JK Rowling


Happy birthday Harry Potter

For a long time, I thought Daniel, who played the role of Harry in the movie adaptations had the same birthdate as the author and the character. I am sure I read it in some magazine long ago. When I checked wiki just to be sure before posting, I saw that his  birth-date is 23rd July actually. Nevertheless, it’s the birthday of two characters, one fictional, one real who have made so many people happy worldwide. Live long and prosper 🙂

Back to books

I am happy that I am back to reading like I used to, long ago. When I was single, my weekend nights were spent reading, I used to start a book at 9 and go on till 3 or 4 in the morning. Sunday noon if no plans were made, I would cosy up in my bed with a book. Fortnightly Saturday morning visit to the library was mandatory. Me and brother would get 2 books each, which would last for 2 weeks. If I finished my set earlier than him, I would sneak in his books without him knowing and be smug with the knowledge of who was the mystery killer :mrgreen:

Zack has zero interest in reading. Actually no one in the family reads here. MIL peruses old regional languages, for recipes and home remedies. His cousins are in the same boat, give them a book, they would sleep on it, rather than try to read few pages. Non technical books, that is 🙄

Since the family has not had anyone sit quietly reading, they keep thinking as to how can one be so still and calm ( read it as not talking). Everyone in here is a talkative lot and they can’t be quiet for long, unless some engrossing stuff is playing out in the living room. Sunday evenings are quiet a scene. Everyone will be talking loudly, while I will be in my own world tucked with a book in a side. I am amidst them, but not with them. Such times would be rare though, if the kids have slept or they are engaged in playing.

Now why do I say that I am back to reading? Because I am able to devote one or two hours of dedicated reading time since a month or so. Once I am back from work, after cooking I get an hour or so, till Zack is home. Then after winding up for the night, I get another hour until he is done with fiddling with his smartphone or the laptop. I used to be really lazy earlier, to make some time for reading, but thanks to some engrossing books I have got my hands on, those are days of past. I have noted down some thrillers once my current lot is over, looking forward to get into some adventurous action reading too.

Currently I am reading Devotion of Suspect X and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Next up is Inferno.

Hope you had a lovely weekend lovelies. I had too 🙂