It’s a five!

Today we complete five years in this beautiful city Down Under. Five years sounds a long time ago, I mean it’s half a decade!! But as cliche as it sounds, it feels just like yesterday when we landed in a balmy evening with 11 bags and a toddler under 2. In a new country with no jobs or home on a brand new adventure. I clearly remember the first few months, what with my memory and the many pictures I clicked with my first iPhone we bought here to look for jobs and applying for rentals. There are many, many firsts which happened and will always be fresh in my memory.

When today dawned I didn’t notice the date’s significance. It was a long working day yesterday and was tired in a good way to doze off to sleep as soon as I closed my eyes. I forgot to keep the alarm last night and it was super late when I woke up. It cascaded to everything getting late and when Moo was wearing her shoes for school she asked what day it is and then it hit – I called out for Zack and said it’s five years since we came here in Sydney!

I didn’t plan out today at all and probably that’s the reason it went well 😂 When I was hanging the laundry I said let’s do a takeaway for lunch. We ordered a Thai red curry and had it with leftover kurma from yesterday. Both coconut based gravies but so different! Every Friday Moo has dance classes in evening during school term, we went a little early to have cupcakes from a bakery and garlic bread from the pizzeria next to it for evening snack. Normally this would be the end of the ‘eating out’ quota for the fortnight but today we were on a roll. I was anyways outvoted by three, the youngest one bobbing her head to whatever her akka said. Dinner at a fancy restaurant was had and to my surprise they had a pretty decent menu with new items I hardly found locally.

Considering my fiascos with special days, today was a perfect celebration of the two anniversaries so far. Now I only wish I had this superpower of forgetting the big days like today 😄

On vada and week ending

Oh what fun it is a treat,

To have a vada dunked in sambar to eat

To celebrate baby Boo’s first day in childcare centre, i made medu vada for lunch today with the usual Saturday menu of keerai sambar and rice. She munched on one mini vada toddling around here and there so the party was successful.

She didn’t have an absolutely good day yesterday but wasn’t too bad either. When I went two hours after morning drop off to feed her she was sniffling and burst into tears on seeing me. After I cajoled her and she was fed I put her in the toys area and stayed on for 5 minutes. I left when she was occupied with a toy and told her carer I would be back in a couple of hours to pick her up. I didn’t want to leave her long for her first day.

We picked up Moo from school and then went to the daycare to pick up Boo. Moo and I found that all the babies in her room were listening to their carer singing a rhyme and munching on some snack. Our baby Boo was lolling her head to the tune of the rhyme and trying to stuff a piece of bread to a boy sitting next to her. We didn’t want to disturb her and the other babies so stayed just inside the door to watch the proceedings from afar. I convinced Moo not to let her sister see her, it would become a difficult scene otherwise. Once all the babies were done and the carer wiped their trays off Moo ran over to Boo. When we stepped out of the centre baby was all smiles and her behaviour back home was like a monkey on steroids. We called it the ‘daycare high’.

I spent some time painting with Moo a few hours ago. It was a number paint, meaning the whole outline is filled with numbers and each number corresponds to a colour. It was quite straightforward at a glance but looking closer I found some areas required composite colours. The number sheet came with a box of water colours and I suggested we start colouring only those areas which need a single colour. We have finished 2% of the colouring now with a single colour.

And Saturday draws to an end…..

Gods will not be crazy

For a change I decided to spend more time on myself than the chores which needed to be finished. I chose a beautiful red and green bandhini saree which I had worn six years ago when Moo was a eight month old. I tend to reach out more for cotton than silk apparently. I took my own sweet time plaiting and pinning it. I knew time was running out but didn’t want to look dishevelled in later photos which usually happens.

Oh what ceremony you ask? Today we did the mundan or mottai for baby Boo. Traditionally would have done it at any temple but due to current times we had a barber come home and perform the ritual. I even made a symbolic temple for our family deity.

One of our friends also had to do the same ritual for their daughter so it was good to their have company. Two little mottai bosses were a sight to behold ❤️ Next was an excellent feast of pongal with pickles. The babies went into deep sleep after a warm bath which gave us time to relax as well. Once they were up we left for the place where they would get their ears pierced and they both did really well – Boo only cried till the time it took for me to give her a murukku.

Unhurried, relaxed and practical – that was how the ceremony started, went ahead and ended. I have stopped feeling scared of what will the Gods and my inlaws think if I forget to do one custom wrong or keep the turmeric facing west instead of east or hearing which calamity will arise if we do not get a ritual done within that particular time slot or if I forget to tie a thread three times around my wrist. We did what we could with what we had with contentment and gratitude.

It was a day filled with love indeed. Happy Valentine’s day to you 😊