The birthday party

Moo turned one a couple of weeks ago. And we celebrated her birthday with a temple visit in the morning and a party at home in the evening where our guests had a high chance of not turning up due to unexpected heavy showers throughout the evening. Eventually, we counted and came to the conclusion how many had not turned up based on the fifteen remaining samosas 😆

The highlight of the evening was Moo absolutely disliking her birthday cake and everyone else absolutely loving it. Second was the way she was clapping when she heard everybody sing her the birthday song. She is in the phase where she imitates whatever we do and it was a treat to watch her clapping so hard with squeals and giggles. Soon she got tired of it, had a quick nap and a dress change and came back again to haunt all those who had chips in their plates. Every photo of hers which we tried to click has her munching on the chips 😀

When all of the guests had left and we had just finished up cleaning the room, she woke up at 11 and had a ball playing with the balloons late till 12. No matter how we tried, she wont sleep at all, going round and round with the balloons. Suffice to say, it was a good day 🙂

Some pictures from that day –
DSC04776 IMG_0457IMG_0490


Novel November

Dear Hubby,

The first week of November saw us doing the Diwali purchases. I admire your patience in taking me to various places to do my sari shopping. But your absolute disinterest ‘while’ I shop is somewhat strange. But seriously, you have to agree, I am way, way better than the women in your family who spend almost half the day in one shop itself. I guess your disinterest stems from waiting endlessly during one such shopping trip during your bachelor days 😆

Last year, we celebrated Diwali at my parent’s place. This being my first here, I wanted to do it prim and proper. I hereby promise that I will never ever say these words in future. My back was totally broken by the end of the day. I loved how you served me my lunch at 4. I loved you even more when you saved some crackers for me which I delightfully lighted at 10. But honestly, I am planning to run off to some place in the coming years.

This was the first time I did something on impulse – booking tickets for my own annual vacation. Before I could change my mind, in less than 3 minutes, I was staring at my confirmation sms. I so wanted to go home in the last week of December, but since it was clashing with your sisters visit, I preponed the trip by a couple of weeks.

November was a breeze, I could not comprehend that it got over so soon. Just when I had finished the sweets made during Diwali, came another occasion to make a new batch of new goodies 🙂


Falafel February

Dear Hubby,

February did not have a fantastic start. Though it ended on a good note. I never imagined our family would one day behave like the soap opera in television. Tears, fights, accusations – the funny thing is things got back on track in less than 24 hours. Blood is thicker than water – whoever said that was absolutely true. But it broke me to see you so sad on our anniversary day because of the previous day infighting between the family members. Sometimes, even if we are a mute spectator in such times, it hurts us likewise. Thankfully, things got sorted out during the anniversary treat cum dinner to the family. Trust me, nothing makes everyone forget everything like a chicken biryani. It is to be seen to be believed. All of you merrily gorged on the delicacies while I was left re-reading the menu as to what to order for myself.

This was the month were we able to go to office and come back home together the most number of times. Your manager needs to be thanked for this. God knows what happened to him in the later months.

We did not do anything out of ordinary on Valentine’s day. Rather on that particular day you got stuck up with some issue at work and came home late.

Planning for your birthday was fun. I know you did not want anything as well as you wanted no celebrations. But I wanted to do something, since I did not do anything last year. Just married and a bit nervous in the new city you see. You might have thought I took lots of efforts since many days, but hardly so. I ordered your gift in Flipkart. Shopped for your new set of clothes on your birthday, taking some time off at work at the nearby mall and while I was on my way back home I picked your cake. See, on your birthday also you had to come late from work. Don’t know why you were so shy cutting your cake. There was no need to pull the niece besides you and hold the knife with her. Remember, even she told only birthday boy should cut his own cake 😛

February ended on a nice note. I am happy that you liked your gift and treasure it. It was amusing to see you getting hyper on misplacing it one day. Tells me you value it. But there was no need of bursting my balloon by telling that you just intended to hide it from the niece because you wanted to play with her and there was no attachment with the gift.

February is the month I started blogging after stalking other blogs for over a year. The sheer intensity and creativity of bloggers awed me. I opened WordPress one day, created a blog and published a post. When I read it again at the end of the day, it sounded downright stupid. So I promptly deleted it. But I wanted to own a blog – where I wrote of my free will. It would be a welcome break from my unending routine of work-home-work. But I could not zero in on the topic. What better than to write about us. That is how this blog was started.

I love you February, you were both – sweet as well as spicy.