Jane July

Dear Hubby,

I would easily forget July had it not been for the last couple of days. This month was so, so, so boring. Mainly due to your work. Having your nose buried inside the laptop even during the weekends made me get inclined to the television more. But the kind of shows on the idiot box left me even more bored. Many a times I had a thought to write to your manager, asking him to go through some articles mentioning about work life balance. When you said that your manager is even worse than you, I shooed away those thoughts.

I wish I had got more social with our neighbours. I hardly know anybody apart from two or three people. Then again, I cannot find anyone in my age group. The one thing which irritates the hell out of me is after asking you for checking something online an hour ago, you giving the laptop to me when it has just 3 or 5 percent charge. And at the precise point when Google baba will show me something, the power will go phut. I cannot even use the laptop to listen to some songs because of its near death. 😡

What I would cherish and treasure is our trip to Coorg towards the end of the month. I did not have any idea that you had planned for this vacation, since it is so non-typical of you to plan for something. You are the one of the most impulsive vacationers I have ever seen. So it was a huge surprise for me when you asked me to pack my bags all of a sudden one fine night. And what a beauty Coorg was – in the monsoon. Bliss, sheer bliss. Thank you so much for the wonderful much-needed vacation.


A hint of light, a smatter of chill and a dash of rain

I have always felt that the journey to your destination is as interesting as the destination itself. Of the many number of times we used to make the annual trip to my hometown, the 2 day train journey was what I looked forward to. We used to cover almost 4 states, so we got a good view of lush green paddy fields, hills, windmills, dams, rivers, towns, villages, etc. Sometimes the land would be barren for long, that had a beauty of its own.I missed having such trips these days. The last time I had such a train journey was 2 years ago. A flight journey can save you time, but it robs you of the experience of getting down for tea at certain junctions, of the smells, sights and sounds.

Many of you know how I was cribbing that I need a vacation.

At last, I had a 2 day vacation last weekend. A trip to Madikeri aka Mercara in Coorg. It is also known as the Scotland of India.

More than the hill station, I loved the roads which led to it. Open fields, rows and rows of greenery, interspersed with rain drops and sunlight. In one bend of the hill, we get to see mist, the other has sunlight streaming in, the next one has rain splattering our bus windows. The clouds play hide and seek with the capacity of a 2-year-old. Now here, the next minute over there. Some dense, some huge. It was as if we are moving through the clouds.
I have never visited any hill station during monsoon, so all this was new for me. You cannot survive without a jacket and an umbrella in this season, no matter even if you have to be out for only 5 minutes.

This is how the view was from our room at 1 in the noon.

The main city square has nothing different to offer apart from various spices. There are 3 main tourist attractions in Madikeri city. There were a couple of recommendations from our hotel manager, but the distance was more than 100km and we decided against visiting them.

The first place we went was to Omkareshwara temple. It was a Shiva temple where in an engagement was going on. All the beautiful ladies dressed up in traditional Coorgi style sarees made a nice picture. I was left gawking at a few 😛 I found the temple to be built-in Kerala style, but one thing which stood out was this:

Our next stop was Abbey falls, about which Zack was too excited to see. He had seen it 7 years ago and had turned as a tourist guide about the history and geography the waterfall. The land around the waterfall is privately owned and you have to pay a token fees of 10 rupees to enter. I was wondering how much money you need to have to own your own natural waterfall 😛

We could hear the sound of gushing water some 500m away. Monsoon had had its effects on the water, the sheer force and magnitude of water was so much that you could feel the water sprinkled on your face from the fence erected there.

Suddenly the clouds parted and the waterfall was bathed in sunlight.

This happened every 5 minutes and it was a treat to watch.

The last place which we visited was the Raja Seat. I actually insisted on seeing it twice. Why?

On the first day it looked like this:

I was awed, literally you have a feeling that you are on the top of the world. Wanting to experience it once more, we went again the next day.
The scene and weather had changed drastically!

On this bench, we stared faraway into the horizon, just soaking in the rain, light and chill.


I found this plant just when we were leaving a garden. The number of flowers was more than the total number of leaves put together.

Whats the name of this flower?

Coorg is already popular during summers, but if you want to experience all kinds of weather in a day, monsoon will not disappoint you.

I wish we own a house like that 🙂

I love this place