What a feeling when you wake up at 6 but the clock shows 5 and there is still one full hour to sleep in now..bliss!! The only part of daylight savings when the clocks turn back sounds useful, the one where it moves forward is pure torture. I have six months to deal with it so focusing on today, we did a heads and tails with a coin to decide what to do to pass the day after lunch. We had finished cleaning before 12 so had nothing major on the agenda. Moo tossed the coin and after losing thrice in a row she tossed it away 😂.

Finally we decided to go chocolate shopping for Boo’s upcoming birthday. Moo wants to do a week long celebration it seems 🤭. Good thing I didn’t buy her any Easter eggs 😂. We went to DFO ( Direct Factory Outlet) and had a whale of time choosing the flavours of Lindt toffees. Mango and cream was the clear winner, with milk chocolate coming next. Zack and Moo popped in two chocolates before I walked five steps away from the shop. Not sure if anything will be left next week.

We did a nachos takeaway for evening snack and found a nice park with a beautiful sunset just about to happen and lots of kids playing around. Boo is very fascinated by other little babies, it’s interesting to watch her gawp 😂. And with that we bade the first long holiday good bye. We discovered some good places to hangout locally and will definitely be revisiting. Hope you all had a good long weekend, if you had the Monday off ❤️

Back to routine life tomorrow!

Beach day

We got one extra hour today but it made no difference at all. The girls woke up and slept as usual, only the clock showed different timing today. Zack’s phone stopped working and while searching for a mobile phone repair shop online found everything closed. Then it hit – we have a retail shutdown on Easter Sunday baring few essentials shops like pharmacies and fuel stations open. A no phone day for Zack is a story in itself, I will save it for some other day. To make good use of his free time he napped with Boo while she took her morning nap and was all recharged for a long drive later in the afternoon.

Today we planned for a beach day. The one we chose is a kid friendly beach with shallow waters and seperate swimming pools for adults and babies in one corner of the beach. Baby Boo absolutely loves the feel of sand on her feet and water washing over her, she spent quite a good amount of time touching and feeling the sand while Moo used the swimming pool. She can’t swim independently but likes to splash and flip around her legs. The temperature in the pool and beach was just right and I ended up skinny dipping here and there.

A perpetual grinny Moo with an always surprised Boo

There was enough leftovers for dinner and lunch tomorrow since I made a fresh batch of drumstick sambar in the morning. Since there was no work in the kitchen post beach visit we went for a long drive just taking the sights the water views had to offer. Day 3 of the long weekend has come to an end and we couldn’t be more relaxed.

We have to find a shop to fix Zack’s phone by tomorrow. Guess that’s gonna be the highlight for last day of long weekend. And house cleaning 😬.

And it ended like this…

Some one please award us with passes for reserved parking in public parks. By the end of the long weekend we could cover the whole of upper Sydney 😂. It was a hot sunny day again so I suggested a water park for the girls. A public park with water play area. We ended up travelling to another part of the city because we couldn’t find parking where we wanted to go. It turned out to be a good decision because Moo got to play for hours together until she got tired of all the equipments squirting water here and there and there was a huge canopy at the other park as a sun shade.

We ended up forgetting on which level we parked the car in the mall where we went to get some lunch.

We ended up eating a fantastic Mediterranean meal in the food court while hunting for vegetarian options.

We ended up buying wall decor when we had no plans for it. We were just about to exit the mall when I found a beautiful mirror on display at a shop. We spent half an hour finalising what will work where and bought the mirror and a clock. The pieces are now adoring our previously bare walls and making us smile.

I ended up using the chana dal soaked early in the morning to make beerakai kootu to make vadacurry for dinner instead.

Staring tonight we get an extra hour due to daylight savings. Which means I should get an extra hour of sleep. But does Boo know that she has an extra hour she can sleep. No, so I will end up being awake by the human alarm instead of my mobile alarm from tomorrow.

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating ❤️ Baby Boo was born on Easter Sunday last year so all Easter’s are going to be filled with fond memories going forward.