Some things are priceless

The very first email I had ever composed and sent to, was to my cousin living in US in 1998, using my father’s email ID, at his office. Thus started my first encounter with the Internet.

His being a government office, no one was willing to learn the ‘computer stuff’. He was buoyed by the idea though, and brought himself MS-Office guides and diligently learnt to use the tools all by himself. He had an innate sense of joy when he successfully sent across an email or typed a word document all by himself. ‘The computer’ would be my chorus when I was asked what would I like to do during weekends. Saturday was half day at school and I would impatiently wait for the bell to ring so that I rush home, have lunch and wait for him to pick me up. The lunch hour in offices would be an hour-long break and I would get 10 minutes to myself, of course with my father supervising his daughter using the department’s one and only computer. And I would open MS-Paint and draw a house, moon and mountains, fill them with colors and save it in my name.

Even to this day, his favorite task using the computer is to write and send emails. Money not credited to account? Email the bank manager. Electricity charges came unusually high this month? Email the zonal EB manager. Internet connection issues? Go to office and email the network people. Manufacturing defect of a newly purchased item?Email the head of the brand ( not joking). And the issues are always resolved, that is the beauty of it.

Even though communication has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last decade, he remains loyal to his first and foremost tryst with the internet. So when one fine day he could not login using his id and password, he panicked. He tried multiple times and unfortunately his account got locked. He made a call to his internet issues solver ( me! me!) and was boggled when I told his account might have got hacked. “Why would someone want to use my email ID”, he asked anxiously. “Don’t worry pa. We will solve it.” I wrote to the technical team stating that my father does not have any alternate account where they could send the recovery password or reset instructions. Within 2 days I got an email which had instructions to resolve the issue. He would proudly tell anyone who would listen( primary audience – mummy)Β  that his daughter solved such a complex matter all by herself.

I was genuinely bemused seeing his enthusiasm on getting his beloved email back. Elders are such kids I tell you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I then told him to change the password and make it one which is difficult to guess. “But what will I do if I forget it myself?”, he asked over phone. And then himself continued that he will access his personal email ID only at home and have the password written in a diary.

Out of curiosity, I asked him what his initial password had been.


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



After the first call, there was a lull. No communication from him. Neither did I write or call back. Β In the mean time, both the set of parents agreed to let the boy see the girl. The typical boy-comes-to-home-to-see-the-girl-with-family scenario was playing in my mind. Not knowing anything about the guy while I meet him was definitely uninteresting. Since papa had given me his profile, I had his email ID as well as his mobile number. But the first call was pretty awkward, not knowing what to say we both had almost hung up.

So I wrote him an email. Introduced myself and said this is my email ID. Yes, I send him an email only to mention my email ID πŸ˜€

Then the next day his reply comes.

And so we communicated through emails for the next month or so.

We came to know about each other quite a lot during that period. Likes, dislikes, future plans..etc..etc

I tried to find his qualities and nature through the words he wrote to me. I was actually expecting a call from him before we met face-to-face. He never even hinted that he wanted to talk to me. Just to see his reaction, I asked him in one of the emails – “Ever thought of calling me sometime?”

Ever the smart cookie, he said he did not know the correct time when I would be free to answer his call(Later I came to know that he was damn nervous in making the call :P).

But once the calls started, it has not stopped till date. I can say since that day, I have been hearing his voice every single day. Even if there is nothing to be told, discussed or asked, I simply call him to hear that smooth and silky voice.