Where lies the switch?

If someone asks you how is the day so far and you genuinely want to answer it, what is the one thing that determines the answer?

For me it is how I feel. But I don’t know what is the cause of that particular feeling. Some days I am super buoyant, there is a spring in my step and I am light on my feet. I finish off so many chores without breaking a sweat and still have energy to entertain a toddler. Even the most mundane of the tasks seem lively.

And some days without a reason or rhyme I have this sullenness within me. No matter how bright the day, how good I am at work or how yummy I cook, I just can’t feel the joy.

Today was one such day. On work days I wake up earlier than usual to avoid being in kitchen during the day. I made a lip smacking mixed vegetable stew early in the morning, unloaded the dishwasher and tidied up the kitchen before it was time for Moo to pick her lunch box and leave for school. Daycare drop off done for Boo and I sit back on my desk but the something is hanging on my head spreading a gloom. I focus on my work, get it done faster than I think and I try to divert my gloom by listening to music. Even watching some videos. Nothing works.

The good thing about such days is it doesn’t last long. But neither do the good days 😂 I have learnt to live with the up and down, enjoying the ups while telling the downs that now the only way forward is up. But I am yet to figure out what triggers it in the first place.


Friend gets the job of his dreams
A bear tight hug

Child wakes up having a nightmare
A reassuring hug

Mom is learning to use the internet
A proud hug

Seeing the lover after a year,
A passionate hug

There are many kinds of hugs,
Some big, some tight,
some small, some light
But every hug comes from the heart
Which holds so many emotions
Some true, some false
Some right, some wrong

The surprise

(A phone conversation)

She : “What time are you coming home”
He : “About 9”
She : “Come sooner if possible, a surprise awaits you”
He: “You know I hate suspense, come out with it”
She: “Then keep guessing”
He: “Baby, am tired already, don’t have the energy to play guessing games”
She: “Hahaha, cut the call and see to it that you come home soon.”

Sighing, he cut the call and concentrated on the document he was proof reading. Once done, he switched off the laptop and let his mind wander, thinking what could be the surprise. She had just joined a reputed fashion house . Maybe she had designed a new dress to impress him. Smiling to himself, he winded up things from his desk and started to leave. While waiting at a traffic signal, he mulled what would they have for dinner. If there was one thing she absolutely had no clue about was cooking. Boarding school, hostel, PG – these were the three words she uttered accompanied by a sorry smile, while she relished his pasta at one potluck get together, when he asked her “what have you cooked”.

“If she has a surprise for me today, I will have one for her too. Let me try some Indo-Chinese today. She will love it.”

He rang the door bell to his apartment.

In his mind, he saw her coming with a whiff of freshness and a hint of fragrance.
All he saw was a hint of flour on her cheeks and a whiff of garam masala.

Bewildered, he made way for the giggling neighbour hurrying away.

“Thanks a lot”, she shouted to the neighbour.

“Welcome”, she said with a bright smile.
His heart soared.