Good food

At the start of the year or rather end of January blogathan, I made a list of items whose recipes I would upload every Tuesday. Of course I haven’t followed it so far but I haven’t thrown away the list as well, yet. Why Tuesday? Because it is the first day of my work week and I want to write about something specific instead of anything. Gives me five more minutes of me time 💆‍♀️ I put together hurried but tasty meals in less than 15 minutes so don’t take these as authentic traditional recipes 😊

In our family we consider food to be the works-all-the-time medicine. When we are angry, lost, tired, sad, happy, dejected we make sure we have something yummy to eat to feel uplifted. Today morning I didn’t cook, I was still in the sad state I mentioned yesterday, I kept rice and we had leftover dal for lunch when I asked Zack if he would like medhu vada for dinner. Give the man anything deep fried and he is happy like a fish in water. Today’s dinner was vada, coconut chutney and puliogare made with readymade paste and leftover rice from lunch.

Today’s recipe is about the universal potato fry which is found in every cuisine and country, goes by different names but is essentially happiness incarnate. I should have made it to pair with the puliogare but ‘tasting’ hot off the stove vadas can make you forget important things like these.


In a wok or pan, heat oil and add chopped potatoes. Whatever shape you like. Add one heaped tablespoon of MTR chana masala powder for every two medium sized potatoes you used. Add salt, sprinkle water and cook on high with lid closed. Nice and crispy potatoes done in ten minutes.

Foodie times

Am so full of food today! It has been a food filled Saturday. Our family friends brought food for lunch, I had made some beets and morkuzhambu or kadhi as well so it became like a potluck. Then during an evening shopping errand we found a SriLankan eatery selling hot snacks. The smell was wafting all around in the lane and we couldn’t resist peeking inside. Bread rolls stuffed with veggies, medu vadai and susiyam was belted. Grocery shopping at the Indian store finished we got a call from the same friends who came over in the morning to come over their place for dinner and I ate hot adais off the stove with spicy tomato chutney.

And the weekend isn’t over yet. We have a birthday dinner to attend tomorrow as well, in a restaurant that too.

Our family is celebrating this year’s Holi dunking right and left in food instead of food 😆😆 Wish all of you who are celebrating a peaceful and happy Holi 🤗

A different love

How is it that I tire of watching tv or reading books, but I do not tire of cooking a full meals in the Indian summer noons? Weekends, I plan menus and cook meals for our family of 4. That I am given a free rein to decide whats to be cooked, courtesy Moo should be conveniently overlooked.

I was never actively into cooking before marriage happened. I had lots of cooking disasters post marriage but a year later, I was satisfied by my cooking, as were the ones who had to eat them. Here and there I invented some mix and match, tweaked the traditional measures and substituted what all I had available in my kitchen for some basic foolproof recipes. Since an year, I started looking into the science behind it. Some of my tried and tested experiments –
Salt water fishes need not have too much lemon in their marination.
When you substitute salt with lemon juice while making poha, you really cannot tell the difference.
Chicken oozes lots of oil, so need to use too much of the same while making chicken dishes.
Coconut gratings if you add on vegetable stir frys, they taste awesome.

These sudden food thoughts brought to you in association with the awesome lunch I had today – phulkas + beet root stir fry + cauliflower masala, rounded off by the sweetest mango slices, the season’s first at our home.