My two stooges

My heart is so full! My BFF is a mum now 💙💙💙

I got her message just before I was about to sleep last night and I couldn’t sleep for the next hour because of the excitement 😂. She gave me the letters according to the star sign to find a name and I started looking immediately. Just a week ago we were discussing how long we have come from discussing movies and dissing professors to checking which brand of maternity pads is better than the other. As a true friend I broke her bubble of soon-to-be new mum life by telling her highest point of the day would be to check the colour of her baby’s poop and we will be adding that to the discussion topics 😂

And co-incidentally my other BFF called yesterday to get some advise on his new project. Once we got the technical stuff out of the way he asked what I do these days – we haven’t met each other since 9 years and he doesn’t know I have rejoined work part time. I tell him that I am raising the kids working from home and they take majority of my day. He loves to hear about them and talk about his wife’s medical clinic, his two little girls, their home schooling in these times and other family stuff. We always end our talks with sharing some life lessons. The best part is many things happen between this call and the next but with the easy camaraderie we have we simply get the updates of each other’s lives and move on.

The whole day I was having a smile plastered on my face because of these two. Gosh I love them so much.

On perceptions

Few events in the week gone by haven’t been good on our mental health. Zack is more affected than. We have two littles to take care of so we don’t let both of us go into a shell commiserating on what happened. But when we get time we end up speaking our mind out in a language not understood by Moo ( yet ). I never sugarcoat or divert her attention when she asks adult questions. Like for example she knows how breastmilk is made and how Boo feeds amma to fill her tummy with milk 😄

The reason we don’t include her in ‘other language conversations is because I don’t want her to get any kind of perception regarding the event or person. Like in a recent case a close friend and his wife caused much heart ache by an action. Now Moo is very fond of their daughter and they gel with each other really well. When Zack and I want to talk about our feelings we want to be honest about what we feel and let it all out. But we don’t want Moo to think of them as wrong doers. Because mistakes happen. If she perceives them as people who make her parents sad she carries it to her heart and maintains a distance with everyone/ everything related to them. We want to keep her thoughts and feelings regarding somebody completely exclusive to ours.

This is not to disregard her feelings on what she thinks when she meets our friends or any adult really. One of my favourite things to talk about with her is what-do-you-think-about-this-person and believe it or not, little miss 6’s perception about people can rival anyone. She is accurate 95% of the times. But she takes my word to heart and goes against her judgement which is what I am working against.

Friends are silly and close friends are sillier gooses who need a good whack sometimes😉


Before I started reading blogs and owning one, most of my time spent on the internet would be doing one and only one thing – writing and reading emails. I did not own a Facebook account at that time, same case with Twitter. When people used to say you can update your status daily – I used to be like what to put up as status daily? Farmville was in great vogue and I saw my colleagues go crazy behind it. Wanting to remain sane, I refrained from all of the social networking sites, baring Orkut, which I logged in once in a blue moon.

Emails hold a very special place in my virtual life. I started communicating them long before SMSing became fashionable. The beauty of the emails of yore was the forwarded email chain, where in you would find hundreds and thousands of addresses and they would contain knowledge of immense value – Life lessons and scenic pictures mainly 😆 Even getting those repeated forwards used to give a high – knowing that you are in the lists of so many people 😀

I used to write emails often to folks from school and college, discussing so many regular and silly stuff, birthdays and new jobs, holidays and new beginnings. When I got an account for myself in Facebook, the regularity stopped and so did the frequency. It became easier to know about your friends updates, without communicating to them. And that kinda made me a bit sad. So the people with whom I communicated via emails became even shorter. Then last year I started using WhatsApp and even Facebook became cumbersome 😀 Why to login and visit a friends profile and post a message when you can easily ping them. All this quick and instant modes of communication have sounded a death knell for my love of writing emails 😦 I now have exactly two blessed souls who have yet not caved in to the mad mania of instant messaging and still resort to writing.

I wish to write and talk using emails. Anyone up for becoming my virtual pen-pal?

🙂 🙂