I put my first ever scrap book entry in 7th class in school, when a friend passed in the shimmery pink book. It was a new ‘cool’ thing which was going round. It would be funny to read and fill it again after some time, to note the changes in ‘My favorite actor’ or ‘My favorite food’. But mostly all of us used to fill each others scrapbooks to see our signatures and compare whose is better than whom 😀

It continued till high school in popularity, died out during higher secondary with the advent of social networking sites like Orkut and Netlog. I filled out one during first year of college. One classmate had shifted college and she wanted all of us to fill her book before she left. It was fun to fill in the silly questions ranging from favorite singer to most recent dream as I noted that the questions had slightly evolved. As a newly wed, when I visited my sister-in-law, her 9-year-old daughter handed me one again. I laughed out heartily thinking wow, they are still in vogue. To my amazement, the format had highly changed.  I had to give in my email ID, website address, a recent photograph, my favorite motivational quote and what not. But, the cheque book shape of it remains the same.

What fun would reminiscing be, if not re-done ( or re-played ) 😉

I am going to create and fill my own scrapbook here 😛  The starting questions have been mundane for ages, name, date of birth, address, etc.. Lets go to the rest of the stuff.


Favourite colour : 50 shades of purple

Favourite actor : Always the character, never the actor

The websites you visit without fail : Gmail, WordPress, Facebook, TellyChakkar, Feedly, Google, Outlook, Yahoo

Your ‘pep-up’ food : Poha

Where would you prefer to live – mountain, beach, plains or valley : A valley having a river

The latest dream you can recollect : Today morning I dreamt about my school PT master being furious with me for something, but I do not remember it clearly. The one I dreamt yesterday was quite a strange one. I find out that Zack already has two kids which are not mine. I make a hue and cry about it when he calmly says he did mention it to me before marrying me.

Items which are always in your wallet : Banking cards, a blank white paper,  some old bills, driving license, a bindi strip, bus tickets

Five years ago, at this time what were you doing : I must be in last year of college five years ago, this month would be the start of new semester, so most probably waiting for the Friday movie release to catch with the BFF 😀

Your quote of the day : Its better to be mental rather than being judgmental.


I will come back later some day, to read this and see if most of it still holds true 😀

Tag yourself and have fun lovelies 🙂

Beauty of acting

We are seated in the living room of Zack’s cousin’s home. Niece is solving a picture puzzle and I am talking to her mother, who was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Zack is using the laptop, going through his Facebook feed.

He guffaws loudly startling the niece.

“Visha, you should listen to this”

“Go ahead”

He proceeds to tell a long drawn joke about a telephone conversation between a husband and wife. Listening the second line of the joke, I know what would happen next since I had already heard it. Still, I maintain a plain face and proceed to smile gradually after each funny line. At the end of the joke, there is a collective laughter. I too join in.

In case this incident had happened some months ago, I would not have allowed him to proceed after the initial couple of lines. I would have snubbed him – “Yeah I know about it, it goes like this no…” thus displaying my smart-alecness.

Today, he was enjoying the joke and wanted to pass on the fun to all present in the room. Acting dumb on my part for a known joke brought enough mirth to last for a minute in the living room. It was a happy Saturday 🙂

Guess how many?

A child goes to a shop to buy chocolates. He hands over 10 rupees to the shopkeeper and gets 10 chocolates. Seeing the happy face of the child, the shopkeeper thinks something interesting. He tells the child that he will give a rupee for every two chocolate wrappers that the child collects and gives back.

Guess how many chocolates did the child get to eat?