Whacky Daddy

Long time no Zack tales here, Moo has hijacked this space, no? Anyways, its been 7 months since we have been apart and come October, Moo and I will be back in the thick of things. Heard from Zack that things are a bit dull now, the niece is missing me terribly ( yay ) and no short or tiny or long trips are being planned due to my absence ( double yay). But, but, but. Since Zack is now living as a bachelor daddy I do have some tales of his to share here 😈

Some momentous conversations as new parents:

I send him a pic of 5 week old Moo, she is sleeping sideways.
“She looks so bloated, I am scared, call the doc”
“That is what is known as baby fat, Zack”

“None of her dresses are fitting her”
“But you just got her new sets no”
“Yeah, maybe she grew overnight”
“Haha, because she swallowed a magic pill?”
“No Zack, that is what is known as a growth spurt”

“Whenever I ask you what is baby doing, you say she is sleeping”
“Yeah, because she actually is sleeping. Because of which I am chatting with you right now”

“Go for a long walk in the evening, leave baby at home and go, it will be good for you”
“Yeah, I want to, but Moo wakes up at odd hours, she does not have any fixed routine yet”
“Don’t be too attached to her like this, you should make some time for yourself too”
“I am her Mother Diary Zack and there are no other food outlets for her nearby in case she gets hungry”

“How many times do I have to tell you Visha, get her some toys to play”
“Arre, but she can’t even hold them, let alone play with them.”
“Then when will she play with toys”
“When you stop torturing me again and again with this same question”



That only

MIL to her sister : “You need not worry, I gave her that only”
Her sister : “That only is it, good good”

Zack’s cousin ( while dining) : “Aha, now that only remains in my plate. Otherwise it is a complete meal”
His wife ( from the kitchen) : “Cutting it now. Cannot make do without it even once eh”

Me : “I gave that to the maid today”
Zack: “Oh I was searching for that only all the while”

Zack: “Switch it on and get it up”
Me : “Its already on and that is already up”


Yes, we talk like that only 😀

Anyone notice the double interpretation in the last conversation. I am up for an award all right 😉