Of iPad and ice sticks

Yesterday, my niece was literally eating her dad’s head to get her an iPad.

I did a double-take on hearing that. I am sure her grandma found it Greek, instead of geek 😀

Me: ”  Why do you need an iPad. What will you do with it  “

She: ”  I will play games in it  “

Me: ”  Play outside with your friends  ” 

She: ”  I am bored, I want to play games in iPad  “

Me: ”  Play in the laptop  “

She: ”  It is too heavy, I cannot carry it around. I will get tired. I want iPad “

I was too stunned to hear that. Somehow her dad pacified her saying it is too late and he will get it for her the next day.

What did I wish when I was a kid? More time to play in the sand outside 😛

That made me nostalgic about what all would make me happy and content when I was a child. Here’s a list of things which I would cherish even now, if only I had them *sigh*

This ‘pilot-pen’ was in vogue when I was 10. It came in blue, green, black and red ink. To own this in red ink was a pride amongst us students. It used to be very smooth and sharp and the guys in our class used to hit each other with its nib 😛

Used to bug my mummy for this rubbery+juicy candy till she got this for me every other day. It came in two flavours – strawberry and orange. The school canteen used to stock up this in huge quantities, since this used to be the default sweet you give during birthdays.

I still do not know what is this officially called – we used it say it ‘Pepsi’ 😛
It was flavoured ice sticks, sold for a rupee each. Invariably it was the ‘drink’ we had when we were in school 😀

My cousin after returning from the US gifted this address book to my father. My brother and I used to fight for it – just to see how it worked. I wished someone would gift me this on my birthday – it was the geekiest thing to own 😛


If the address book was the geekiest, the walkman would be the coolest 🙂


About a decade ago, these kind of use-and-throw pens became a rage. Every second kid in the school used to have them. I found them to be super comfortable, more than the known brands like Reynolds and Cello. I used to get them in bunches, in different colours – a colour for a subject 😛

I am damn sure if I get any of these things and hand it over to my niece, she will throw it over my head to the window behind me. Maybe, she will have the ice-stick – nobody can resist that 😛