The cup of ( for ) life

I feel I am rambling a lot these days. I mean I have an idea of what to write but to reach the main point or sound coherent I take too long. I usually have a habit of reading back what I wrote but these days I finish typing and hit publish pronto. I think it’s to do with the time – daily I start writing after dark ( wow, this sounds secretive 😂 ) when everyone is tucked in for the night. I lose track of time because of the silence and freedom(?) and suddenly it’s 12 and I hit publish and sleep off. No time to proofread even 🧐 Anyway for good karma tell me if I do ramble or bore you won’t you 🙃

P.S TMI alert. If talks about periods and sanitary items put you off, please don’t read further. See you tomorrow!

So continuing from where I left yesterday about stepping out of comfort zone, I ended up doing a big change in my life before I turned 30, which is two years back. So happy to list it under ‘Things I did before I turned 30’ whenever I decide to write it.

I started using a menstrual cup. And I am converted for life!

When I read about it for the first time the first thought was ‘you put what where????’😳 No way would I use this thing for my period. How easy it is to keep changing the pad at regular intervals. Yeah but if the nights are as good as they claim..I wondered. Intrigued I went ahead and bought one online on Flipkart. In 2015 we had only one or two in the market and when it arrived I heaved a sigh since no one was home to ask what was in the parcel. I tried it to use the cup for one cycle and failed miserably. Chucked in the bin never to speak about it again.

Then we moved abroad and I was surprised to discover that Indian sanitary napkins were way better than the local ones i found in Sydney. I checked online on the best brands, tried them one by one but couldn’t find any which made my periods comfortable. That’s when I decided let’s give the cup one more chance but not before researching more about it. I joined a support group in Facebook, asked heaps of questions and learnt so much. The local pharmacy had two brands available and I picked one which was relatively less famous.

I didn’t expect it to work initially and I wasn’t disappointed. Try as I might I just couldn’t get the hang of using the cup properly. The following weeks I asked in the support group what could be done to get it working and I got some specific tips for a newbie like me. The second period was good progress. I was able to use the cup for its intended purpose but I wasn’t able to fully get it off my mind the whole time. Did I leak? Should I empty it? I was more conscious than ever those five days. But to my surprise my third period was fantastic! We had a road trip planned for Easter long weekend and I was using my cup in public like a pro. By months 4 and 5 it took less than 30 seconds to remove, empty and reinsert. I became free of using disposables completely. No stains on sheets at nights was the game changer. My periods became shorter and so much manageable. Many in the group mentioned their cramps go away but I didn’t experience that. Nonetheless I was quite relieved of not having to feel I am using a surfboard all the time.

It is a steep learning curve but with the right support and guidance it is such a revelation as to how to actually forget about being on a period. Just how much I loved the cup became imminent when I had to use maternity pads after Boo was born. I cringed seeing the number of disposables I used the initial weeks. When I got my regular period back using the cup felt foreign just for a day. I did think have I forgotten how to fold or was there any specific angle to hold the cup but as is with cycling or swimming, you never forget once you learn it.

…..and I got it!

All you wonderful readers out there, whoever sent best wishes my way I pray to God every wish of yours is fulfilled. I got the job which is perfect for me in every which way.

It gives me time enough not to have mornings filled with rush. I get to drop Moo to school by walk and then catch the train to work. I get to avoid the evening rush hour because I start late. The new role is completely autonomous, which is a refreshing change from my previous role.

Thank you God. Thank you Universe.


Hello, again.

Its been too long, has it not 🙂

So when I checked the archives, the last post I did was close to 3.5 years ago. So much has changed and yet so many things stay the same.

We moved countries. Shifted from Bangalore to Sydney as permanent residents. The shopping and packing for an overseas move is not overrated. The to-do lists were longer than the to-buy lists. Ten pieces of luggage, a hyperactive toddler and two flights later we landed at the start of autumn season in Sydney in 2016.

We decided that one of us would start looking for a job while the other would search for house and childcare. No points for guessing what I chose 😉 Zack found a good role in the city and we narrowed down a suburb with feasible apartment and childcare options. Once Moo started getting comfortable with the teachers, I started looking for work and landed a contract with hourly rate. I would work six hours a day to pick up Moo earlier, somehow not having the heart to leave her full time. I got a new job few months down the line which made my commute very long, but thankfully Moo had fully adjusted to the daycare routine.

So that is how life went by – managing home and full time job with the toddler growing up to be a smart preschooler. We squeezed in as many touristy things as possible during the weekends. Family started visiting periodically and Moo got to enjoy with her grandparents ( aka seeing other adult faces instead of the same two). My job turned hectic six months ago which had me flying thrice a week sometimes.

I quit 🙂

Moo loved the new routine where she woke up later than usual and had breakfast at a leisurely pace. I would drop her at the daycare and come back home and RELAX. I learnt to find things to do in my free time.

Then came the time for a trip to India after (almost) three long years. The vacation to be honest was tiring but it felt good to be home back. We had three weddings and three deaths in the family – so meeting all the families took precedence. Rest of the time spent in shopping, what else! The best thing which happened in the vacation was Moo picking up not one but two languages. She now speaks Telugu and understands Tamil. I talk to Zack in Kannada these days if I do not want her to chime in 🙂

We came back right on time for Moo to start kindergarten in primary school. She is the tiniest in her class, misses her preschool friends terribly, but doing fine.

I am yet again at the cross roads. To go back to the 9 to 5 grind or not  *sigh*

Come say hi if you have been reading so far 🙂