Changing times

I have spent the best part of my Sunday doing household chores and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Who am I even?

My 30s are diametrically opposite to my 20s. And I don’t miss my old ways of living. I also can’t believe I used to live like that 😂

Like what? 2 examples.

1. Leaving the kitchen countertop messy after cooking early morning

2. Picking out clothes to wear from a pile instead of an organised wardrobe

I could most definitely call myself a slob, I used to spur into action only while guests were expected. And once they left and the morning dawned it would take less than a day to get messy again.

It’s not to say it doesn’t happen now. God with two kids I can hardly claim a plain surface tidy, unless it’s the grass outside. If not toys, kitchen utensils will be strewn around, Boo especially loves to run away with the baking supplies.

The difference is now I want to keep cleaning over and over again, TRYing to keep all surfaces tidy. I fail all the time but it does not deter me. I either declutter toys/ things that are not fulfilling their purpose or finalise a permanent spot for them. Since we are having cooler days now, I brought out the warmer clothes out and packed away summer clothes. The wardrobe is reorganised and functional.

Anything I read leaves a profound impact on me if it gets through to me. I once read an article where the author said she misses cleaning her kids room because they do it by themselves. The chores which seem like never ending drudgery is going to stop one day and you will feel empty not doing them anymore. I keep screaming at Moo to keep her room tidy all the while cleaning it every time I enter but inherently I know it won’t be long I won’t need to clean it anymore.

My 30s are going to be trying to hold on to daily routines as much as I can 🙃


This day last year I had no idea that it was the last day I would be carrying baby Boo inside me. My due date was April 8 and each day after 8th seemed never ending. Baby showed no signs of coming, I had no kind of pain or symptom and I became the mum who was overdue and hence the mum who gets exclaims like ‘oh you are still pregnant hey’. While at the back of my mind I knew I can’t trigger labour by doing anything I still googled ‘Natural ways to start labour’ and read endlessly.

I had informed the hospital that I wished to try VBAC, which meant no choice of induction at 39 weeks according to their policy. I also refused any kind of physical examinations till I get spontaneous labour pain. My birth plan was so very different than my first pregnancy, in which I lacked knowledge of all things in labor and delivery greatly. Since covid cases where on the rise in March, the hospital visits also became infrequent which in turn proved as a boon, with less probing by midwives and more relaxing at home by self.

The only thing lacking was my restriction to use open spaces for walking. Public parks were closed for recreation as part of the lockdown and mall visits were limited to one person per family to buy groceries. Which meant my walks would be limited to the streets nearby and not the walking routes in parks and no taking stairs in the malls. My midwife had suggested me to use the stairs as much as possible and do kerb side walking but I could do neither.

This evening last year Zack and I had walked the perimeter of our apartment block thrice and I was completely out of breath, as usual. He suggested if I want to rest but I was ambitious and said I could finish one more walk. I waddled a step here and a step there and turned and walked straight into the apartment for the lift 😂. When we reached upstairs Zack says something he had never said before and I pay no heed because I am so tired that I snooze off on the sofa.

Your tummy has dropped’.

No matter how

..long you have been away from your hometown, you are happy being there, soaking in everything, from the fresh masala vadas to the late night gossip sessions.

..the streets and highways are crowded, a road trip has its own charm. have lost touch with your relatives, their welcoming smile makes you forget everything and takes you back to your childhood, when you used to run around them asking for this and that.

..its been ages since you got the chance to dress up for an occasion, its exciting when the opportunity presents itself and you lap it up. eat idli everyday at home, its combination with vada and three chutneys at a hotel is irresistable.

..I tie the saree, I just cannot get it perfect, sigh! soft the beds in hotels and other’s homes are, the best comforting sleep you get is on your own, in your bedroom.

P.S We are back, will be stalking all your blogs soon 🙂