Good food

At the start of the year or rather end of January blogathan, I made a list of items whose recipes I would upload every Tuesday. Of course I haven’t followed it so far but I haven’t thrown away the list as well, yet. Why Tuesday? Because it is the first day of my work week and I want to write about something specific instead of anything. Gives me five more minutes of me time 💆‍♀️ I put together hurried but tasty meals in less than 15 minutes so don’t take these as authentic traditional recipes 😊

In our family we consider food to be the works-all-the-time medicine. When we are angry, lost, tired, sad, happy, dejected we make sure we have something yummy to eat to feel uplifted. Today morning I didn’t cook, I was still in the sad state I mentioned yesterday, I kept rice and we had leftover dal for lunch when I asked Zack if he would like medhu vada for dinner. Give the man anything deep fried and he is happy like a fish in water. Today’s dinner was vada, coconut chutney and puliogare made with readymade paste and leftover rice from lunch.

Today’s recipe is about the universal potato fry which is found in every cuisine and country, goes by different names but is essentially happiness incarnate. I should have made it to pair with the puliogare but ‘tasting’ hot off the stove vadas can make you forget important things like these.


In a wok or pan, heat oil and add chopped potatoes. Whatever shape you like. Add one heaped tablespoon of MTR chana masala powder for every two medium sized potatoes you used. Add salt, sprinkle water and cook on high with lid closed. Nice and crispy potatoes done in ten minutes.

In five minutes

Autumn has started in our part of the world since ten days and we are witnessing cool crisp mornings and slightly toasted but not hot evenings. And this cool nutty weather makes us want something warm to eat. The occasional rains make a crunch of murukku or a pakora even more inviting, when the weather cools down further.

We heard from Boo’s daycare yesterday that one more day that is Thursday is available for her apart from Friday and if we are interested we can secure her spot. We agreed since her carer also suggested a two day routine per week is better than a single one. Usually I plan out the next days meals before going to sleep but I didn’t end up doing that. Remember I was doing my own guest thingy – yeah in that relaxed euphoria momentarily forgot real life bites back nicely.

As is customary I checked the weather before stepping into the kitchen and saw the forecast was cloudy with high winds. Vendakkai vatha kozhambu with beans paruppu usili sounded oh-so-yummy in my mind for the weather today, but a glance towards the clock told me I would only be able to shell the garlic pods and chop beans. I had to use the okra at any cost today so decided to make a simple fry out of it ( only roast it and add salt ) and make a moong dal tadka to go with it. I have created shortcuts for most of my family meals so I was done in no time.

I have a work meeting at noon and it goes for an hour. Since I had to coordinate going to the daycare to feed Boo it left me exactly five minutes to eat my lunch. And I cannot tell you how aromatic and soul filling a hot bowl of rice with dal and bhindi fry tastes like when digging into it on a timer. I had a second serve as well.

Totally going to add it to the ‘what’s-your-strength-and-weakness’ kinda questions they ask in job interviews.

Zing overdrive

Making mango sambar on a Saturday afternoon,
Eating it with aloo fry and hot hot rice,
Juicy and fleshy bits of mango showing their zing-zang

Eating the same sambar next afternoon,
With hot hot mint parathas
Savouring the explosion,
Removing the doubts of the compatibility of the two

Coming home on the Monday night after a hard, hard day
Feeling ravenous seeing the leftover idlis from breakfast
Remembering the sambar, some – still left over
Will it be still good enough?
Heating the bowlful of the aromatic concoction
Dunking in the idlis and looking for a spoon
A bite, a slurp, the bowl is empty within minutes

Aha life!!

P.S Work is keeping me very busy and I am loving the new challenges thrown every day. The adrenaline rush I get every time a task is finished is heady 😀 But as a consequence, this blog is lying dormant since a long time 😦 All you lovely and sweet hearts, thank you for checking on me, makes me feel so so loved 🙂