Of chancing at a journal

While looking for something, I chanced upon a set of diaries I had stacked inside a drawer. Moo has a habit of scribbling her name on the first page of every diary/ notepad she sees since she learnt to write and then give it back to me. I don’t know what joy she gets out of it. If she is in a good mood she will use the first two or three pages and forget all about ‘owning a new diary’. I have close to ten such diaries over the past years that I can’t get rid off. I value stationery and every unused page makes me feel privileged.

Set behind those diaries I found the only ever journal entry I had ever made in my entire life. I had received a daily journal for the new year as a secret Santa gift at work in 2016. And I wanted to put it into good use. I did miss a few pages here and there but for most part of it, it has chronicled my daily life as it happened in 2017. At the time of making entries I used to think it’s a mundane task, I remember I used to jot down as soon as I was out of bath, before I made headway into the kitchen at 5:30am. And it’s not even free from, just simple bullets on what happened during the day.

I flicked to April entries and read what happened four years ago. And I was transported into those sights and smells and emotions. Life is strange – it keeps moving ahead yet feels it is standstill in some aspects. Nothing changes yet everything does. I had a smile on my lips while reading the journal when Moo asked what was I doing perched on a stool and reading something ( I was searching something, remember? ). I replied I was putting away some diaries and checking if it’s new or used. She bought it and went away. I am suspecting she was hungry.

And then another thought flashed by me – someday she might read this journal, and if she did, could she possibly imagine what a scene it must have been when the journal entry said ‘Huge tantrum by kid on the way to daycare, both of us in tears, missed my train and got late to work’. Probably her reaction will depend on her age I guess 😆

Quarter talks

And the first quarter of 2021 ends. The date is reminiscent as the last date to file taxes when we were working in India 🙂 How did the first three months of the new year treat you? I mentally stayed in January till the first few weeks of March. So much so, when anyone asked me how old is Boo I would keep saying 9 months for many weeks. My mind’s calendar wiped out February/ March.

It’s repetitive to keep saying ‘I don’t know where the time went’. The days and months and years are flying past crazily. I remember my summer vacations more vividly in the 2000s rather than the 2010s. The only difference I can see is the emergence and growing usage of social media in the recent years. At least the throwbacks with photos and videos can make us feel connected with the near past.

If I have to recollect about the past quarter, I would go by the best and worst in each month.


January – Great summer as a family in the new home.

February – Restart working part time + Boo’s tonsure ceremony

March – Mindfulness


January – Severe headaches

February – Cold War with Zack

March – Boo’s teething pains

While I am noting down things about the months gone by, I think I will try and pen down what I want or wish in the next quarter.

1. Up the water intake.

2. Create weekly meal plan and follow it.

3. Research about wall decor.

4. Make any chaat once a month.

5. Teach Moo how to ride a bicycle.

On an unrelated note, since tomorrow is April 1, anyone remember the joy and thrill of pulling off an April Fools day joke as kids? Share if you can recollect pretty please 🙃

Main clay ki deewani hoon

The heat is too much outside,
But it is bearable inside
Only because of the water pot of clay
I think I can survive the month of May

The clay water pot, commonly known as matka sits on the loft for most part of the year. But with the end of winters, it is reverentially taken out, cleaned thoroughly, dried in the sun and then filled with water to quench our thirst. It needs to be handled with utmost care, the chances of it getting a crack are high, which is why as kids, we would never be allowed near it when it would be bought new or the old one would get down from its resting place.
Come summer and all I think is of having water from the clay pot. It tastes sweeter and obviously cooler. Refrigerated water does not come anywhere closer in my opinion. The perfect chillness, which will never cause cold and the sweet taste of clay which makes me want to fill up my stomach with water as soon as I enter the home after a trip outside is to be experienced.

Post marriage, I missed the clay pot the most during summers. The in-laws do not have a habit of using them. I lost the taste of naturally conditioned cool water amidst refrigerated ones. We actually drink from the plastic cans which has a very neutral taste 😐

If there ever is a chance for me to learn using the potter’s wheel, I would gladly do so. I would make batches of clay tumblers and have them stored carefully. Mornings I would fill them with water and set them in a cool place. I would wait one day for the clay to release its smell and sweetness. And then I whenever I would feel thirsty, I will go and quench myself with clay-ed water 😀