Whenever I feel like romance is missing in my life, I listen to the Alaipayuthe jukeboxΒ and instantly there is a smile on my lips and my mood is uplifted. I have not watched the movie completely till date, but the songs, I am in love with them since long. Tamil is not my first language, I have picked it up by listening to my parents and Sun TV πŸ˜€ I cannot speak the language fluently but can manage. I enjoy listening to Tamil songs as much as I enjoy Hindi songs. Some of my favorites this season are:

I am instantly in a dreamland on hearing this song. I love everything about it, the lyrics, the acting, the music. Newly weds who are slowly getting to know each other, always rings a bell πŸ˜‰

* *

I have loved this movie like anything. The most I like about this song is its picturization. Also, new love portrayed so convincingly.

* *

Now this has nothing to do with romance. But this song was a favorite among the office guys and they loved playing it during the lunch hour. It caught on pretty quickly to all of us and it became a ritual to play and dance to this song. I miss my work place badly 😦


Wednesday Waves – III

The comments I received on the What is Moo thinking post were hilarious. What great imagination you people have! I am thinking of making it a regular feature, what say folks? Also, I decided to send the promised audio to whoever commented, since I cannot choose the best of the lot ( or read – lazy me :mrgreen: )

One major advantage of having a newborn is you suddenly have lots of time in your hands. It has so happened that I have lost sleep completely since two days. And two days ago was when Moo got her vaccination shots. So juggling between a cranky baby and sleepless nights , I came across some beautiful, breezy songs while browsing YouTube in my mobile.

* * *
I love wedding songs. The vibrancy, colors, music, dance, laughter, customs, rituals and the inherent happiness which the actors masterfully display in the movies. I came across this Mangalyam song from the Malayalam movie Bangalore Days and have been hooked on it ever since. I must have played it ten times in these two days. I can understand only some words of this language, but that is not stopping me from loving this song, take my word for it. Add to it the awesome signature dance step and all I am waiting for is a wedding invitation to make sure this song is played and danced to.

I found this remix of Bar bar dekho in my Facebook feed. Apart from the good singing, the video has been shot beautifully. Also, the lead singer is pure eye candy πŸ˜› Wonderful rendition on so many levels, this one!

Another wedding song. London Thumakda from Queen. Out of desperation to calm down a screaming Moo, I played this one and she calmed down immediately and started flailing her arms. I would consider it to be her dancing to the song πŸ˜€ Move over soothing lullabies, this kid loves high-octane dance songs and her mom cannot be more happy!

* * *
Added goodie – Want to go aww? Watch this video. Hats off to the geniuses like the creator of this one!

Wednesday Waves – II

It’s the first Wednesday of the last month of the third year of the second decade of the 21st century!

In the honor of this day, I would like to revive my long forgotten series ofΒ  musical pieces πŸ˜€

* * *

I happened to listen this song on an online radio site and instantly fell in love with the musical notes. There is a particular musical tune used (1:12 to 1:19), which is not that common, which makes me want to hear it again and again.

* * *

This Tamil song is occupying my mind since three days, maybe because of the wedding season? πŸ˜€ Also, I like the way how Shalini flirts with Madhavan first, scaring the hell out of him πŸ˜› Watch out for the paatis dancing in the beginning πŸ˜€

* * *

I love this song solely for the lyrics. The music is good, but it is secondary to the lyrics. I am planning to play this song in the engagement or marriage ceremony of a particularly naughty cousin of Zack’s. The expressions of both him and his bride would be priceless :mrgreen:

* * *