In retrospection

2014 has been a different year for me, different than previous many years. It was the year which i largely spent with myself. And Moo ofcourse. But you get the point. Zack was largely absent throughout this year, and now when i think about it, living apart from him was not that difficult. The first week of March when i left him for my mother’s, i wrote him cheesy letters telling how I cant live even one day without him. In the end, turned out we lived happily without each other for seven months. It was a new kind of life, sleepless nights being the high point. I had lots of time in my hand in the last trimester, i watched long forgotten movies, listened to so many new songs, watched television, went for long, relaxed walks and ate so many old and new dishes. I gained confidence in cooking and started experimenting a lot. After coming back to Bangalore, because of the no maid situation, I learnt to manage my time very well. Handling an infant and running a house – phew, awesome experiences.

Moo. Mommyhood has made me a lot more loving. Even though she keeps me awake the whole night and screams like she is given a third degree torture, I love to see her smile in her sleep, cling to my lap like its the most comforting bed, wrap her tiny little fingers tightly around mine. She does not smile very often, but when she does, she lights up the entire room.

Being a mom has brought many changes to me. Physically, I still resemble a baby hippo, havent been able to lose the extra weight. But then again, I have stopped caring about it. I am loving my free size kurtas like anything, with no tension of not having even a single fitted attire. Shopping online for them is easy too 😀 One neighborhood aunty told me the other day, if I do not start losing weight, I will start looking like an aunty. I said I already am 😆

This year had many issues and misunderstandings with Zack. But in the end, I weigh what is more important. Today or yesterday. Invariably, ‘now’ wins. Letting go has never been more beautiful 🙂

2015 – Welcome!

P.S Taking part in the blogging marathon 2015 hosted by Seema. Hope I complete the challenge!


Snatches from a fast losing mind

I am fast losing memory. Yes, even before Moo is here. I was proud of my memory, of what is kept where, whose birthday is when, even the pin code of relatives, but I am losing it all. I could not place the name of the person whose birthday was 2 days ago. I forgot to switch off the bathroom lights. Thankfully, I am still able to remember paying the utility and credit card bills on time and the location of the receipt of appliances and medical bills. I read online that pregnancy memory loss is very common 😯

* * *

My first visit to the radiologist was very funny due to the fact that I could not sit in one place because of the two tender coconuts I had drank for my bladder to be full during the scan. Apparently, it makes the scanning easy. It was becoming funnier by every passing minute when I noticed I had company while pacing here and there, not one, but three ladies in throes of a full and jiggly-wiggly bladder. I made Zack ask the receptionist thrice when was our turn. It was 30 minutes later and there were 2 ladies already queued up. I was sure I could not wait for that long. So I promptly headed off for the loo, came back and guzzled a 1-litre water bottle. To my dismay, I was called in 5 min after I corked the bottle shut. I was pretty sure I would be sent back and made to wait, but thankfully Moo was visible in the scan. Or was it some superior sort of machine? I do not know.

* * *

I do not know if he was humouring me all the time or was it real, but whenever I used to tell Zack about any kind of symptom, he would promptly add, “Me too”. “Zackie, I feel like puking” “Me too” “Why do you feel like vomiting?” “I do not know, but I feel like that only” “I have severe back pain today” “Me too.” “I am too sleepy, do not feel like waking up” *snore* “Hmm, me too” *snore*

* * *

There was one particular bad taste in my mouth during the whole of my first trimester which made me gag even on spicy chutneys. Nothing I ate removed that taste. One minute after eating puliogre, I would get the irritating taste in mouth. It was like the one you have in fever, only 10 times worse. The internet was filled with non-practical remedies, one of which was to keep munching saltless crackers every 3 hours and first thing in the morning 😐 Finally, I found a solution to that. Salty, no sugar oats cookies and banana stem kootu. The latter was a revelation as to how it masked that horrible taste.

Three ponders of the mind

The husband is very weird.

Some days, he will not move a muscle even though he sees me slogging off doing all kinds of household chores.
Some days, he will do any and everything before I even open my mouth even though it is not necessary – like making me a cup of hot milk before I doze off.

Festival means food.

Festivals can be celebrated without family and friends, but without lip smacking and yummy food? I don’t think so. Not to think that we did not have the two this Diwali. But the taste of that drumstick and brinjal sambar still lingers, more than the sight of my neighbor’s amused face on seeing me screaming hoarse to the kids during the bursting crackers ceremony.

Shopping can be done in less than half an hour.

Zack’s took 15 minutes. And mine 20 minutes. We stepped out to shop exactly the day before Diwali, since a week earlier a relative had passed away and the mourning period lasted till Thursday. He had some fitting issues with his trousers, we were asked to come after 3 hours for the alterations to be ready. After waiting leisurely for a rava dosa in the crowded hotel and savoring till the last bite, we stepped into a saree store for my shopping. The sarees which I got have been literally envied by the ladies in the clan. I asked Zack to ‘nazar utarofy’ my precious sarees, such intense longing for my clothes I have never witnessed. I was in half a mind to give them to one of them, but then I could not – they were so pretty to let go 😛

ETA : DauntlessDaisy, Smita, TGND and Seena, here are the photos of the sarees 🙂



Jodhpur Silk

Jodhpur Silk