The one where I like someone else’s house

The last time we went for a vacation and stayed over at an AirBnb was for 2020 NYE. We chose a place not too far from home but was a vacation hotspot for local people. I entered my third trimester of pregnancy with a three course meal at an Indian eatery and had the leftovers for next day lunch. Sigh..what days!!

We haven’t ever stayed in a hotel after we discovered the comfort and joy of staying in an airbnb. I especially love the bathrooms, bedrooms come next. I love how they always keep it smelling fresh and fluffy towels rolled up neat and nice to use. I learn on how to beautify the rooms and fail miserably when I try to replicate it, so enjoy it all the more the next time. There are so many designs in my mind of the master bedroom from each of our stays that I can easily contribute to the planning of a construction of a two storey dwelling.

Zack takes the onus of booking the stays with beautiful views inside and out. And he does a far better job than me. I end up choosing the price filter while searching in the website while he goes for ratings and reviews 🤷‍♀️ Moo’s only condition is that the place should have a bathtub. The girl has her priorities set 😂

I read the catalogue for special buys in the local supermarket for this week. The theme is home decor. And it had me wondering when will our next AirBnb stay come up 😌

Start music!

Zack and I are watching Master since two weeks now. We haven’t really watched anything together since a long time and this movie had good reviews. We watch it when we can catch a break – when Boo naps or when she is fed and playing in front of us. We have reached the intermission and more than the plot or acting we are enjoying the background score. There is more music than dialogues in this movie 😆

With the advent of subtitles it’s a common occurrence to watch content without audio. In public places it’s most helpful – I like it especially in medical centre waiting areas. At home we watch videos on mute on our phones. Instagrams audio on reels is wasted on me 😆 I skip content if there is no subtitles.

When we paused the movie today, I said out loud if we would continue watching this movie if not for the background score. Would it be worth it to watch on mute. Ofcourse not, said Zack, it’s the music that’s driving this movie. Vijay fans…kindly excuse 🤣


In recent times, I can’t think of anything or anybody that holds so great an importance in our daily lives as does the weather.

What to wear?

What to cook?

Weekend plan outdoors or indoors?

The wonder of having four seasons in a day has started rubbing off me. Sydney weather is so unpredictable that even the trains are more dependable in comparison. There are clear divisions of winter, summer, spring and autumn and it would greatly surprise me how everything happens according to the weather forecast. Like December 1 is the start of summer and exactly on that date the temperature would soar up to 35 C from 25 C. Up until few years ago the weather patterns followed the calendar to the T.

But off late, we started having mixed weather in a single day. Early morning will be crisp and cool so you wear a jacket or cardigan when out, by midday it will become sweltering hot so you search for your hat and sunglasses which you didn’t pack because who wants to wear a hat with a jacket. Come late afternoon there is a thunder and storm and now you are wearing your jacket but searching for an umbrella because a downpour has started but that’s okay if you don’t find one because you still have a jacket to not get soaking wet. By evening when you are back to home you are chilled to the bone because have you tried walking with a wet jacket in cool wind and wet hair and you decide to check the weather app tomorrow to dress appropriately and it shows the hottest day of the week with clear blue skies and zero percent of rain.

Experience makes you wise so you carry a hat, jacket, umbrella, mittens, a wet bag and all the paraphernalia but the weather has today behaved like an obedient puppy so you are lugging everything around sweating profusely because it’s a hot clear day. Oh those days when I used to travel for work!

These days it’s a battle between the weather gods and my laundry. I don’t use a dryer and line dry our clothes either on the clothes line or a portable drying rack. I check the weather it says hot sunny day so I diligently put the clothes on the clothes line to dry in the morning. It would be blazing hot so I think I will pick them up after lunch. All of sudden there will be a storm for 5 minutes in the afternoon and everything will be soaking wet. And the next week’s forecast is cloudy and heavy showers 🤦🏻‍♀️