Whenever I feel like romance is missing in my life, I listen to the Alaipayuthe jukeboxΒ and instantly there is a smile on my lips and my mood is uplifted. I have not watched the movie completely till date, but the songs, I am in love with them since long. Tamil is not my first language, I have picked it up by listening to my parents and Sun TV πŸ˜€ I cannot speak the language fluently but can manage. I enjoy listening to Tamil songs as much as I enjoy Hindi songs. Some of my favorites this season are:

I am instantly in a dreamland on hearing this song. I love everything about it, the lyrics, the acting, the music. Newly weds who are slowly getting to know each other, always rings a bell πŸ˜‰

* *

I have loved this movie like anything. The most I like about this song is its picturization. Also, new love portrayed so convincingly.

* *

Now this has nothing to do with romance. But this song was a favorite among the office guys and they loved playing it during the lunch hour. It caught on pretty quickly to all of us and it became a ritual to play and dance to this song. I miss my work place badly 😦


Mike testing, mike testing, hello, hello

“I am expecting”
“What are you expecting”
“I am expecting you silly”
“Arrey tell no, what are you expecting”



“A baby”



“Really??? ”


*Visha thinking of not giving out the kala-jamun from the box she is holding and gobbling it up herself*

Musical waves

The one thing I like the most about working in my office is the music which keeps playing all day long. All kinds and all genres –Β  regional, national, international. We even have customized birthday songs and celebratory music pieces. The outcome of listening to different kinds of songs everyday is that I have started loving them without even understanding them, some times.

* * *
This is a Bengali or Oriya song I guess. Do let me know if you know after listening. I have come to like it after listening it almost everyday, quite contrary to my notion that I start disliking songs if I keep on hearing them for a long time.

( Please do not see the video, only listen to it. Otherwise you will start doubting your intelligence. Just they way I did.)

* * *

This one is a lovely composition by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan in Punjabi. The first time I heard it, I asked the guy who played it, about the song details. He told it is originally in Punjabi, which is equally soothing to the ears. Of the two, both are good. I could not find the unplugged piece of the Punjabi version, here is the Hindi one.

* * *

Will you remember is a personal favorite. I heard it for the first time during a train journey. The passing mountains and fields were perfectly complementing the song as a background picture. It is a slightly melancholy-ish, but that’s just a tinge of it. I feel it has a twirl-y dance-feel to it πŸ˜€

Three is enough for a day no :mrgreen:

If you like them, I will keep them coming, maybe as a series :D.

If you do not like them, tomatoes are welcome. I will send you my address, I could certainly do with some in these days of skyrocketing prices πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

P.S All is well in my land. The outburst was sincerely looked into πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰