Boring week

How do you people make your weekends exciting and interesting?

The last week was so drab, dull and boring that I had half a mind to take run away to some secluded beach. I would at least spend my time collecting shells and playing in water.

Last weekend, I did nothing. The house was chakachak thanks to my new disease, so no house-work. I had finished reading a book on Friday night, did not have a new one to start. Simply whiled away time by watching TV. Next day I had planned for a walk by the lake. But thanks to the visit by the extended family of in-laws, it went bust. I spent time with my niece – after some time, even she was tired by the constant decibel levels in the main room. We went to my room, she promptly started bugging me to put Pogo. And I had to settle in with watching a cartoon movie about Barbie 🙄

This whole week, it was back to the home-work-home grind. The one thing I am starting to hate is these useless team meetings. First they keep a deadline for us to finish the project, then they call us to discuss the milestones in it. Only thing is there is no discussion, only listening. I had narrowly caught myself from nodding off right in front of my manager 😀

Tomorrow is Friday and I just got a mail stating the start of another project. God is making my life colourful. Colourful with three colours – black, white and red. What? These are the only colours which come up in the coding editor 😛