Friend gets the job of his dreams
A bear tight hug

Child wakes up having a nightmare
A reassuring hug

Mom is learning to use the internet
A proud hug

Seeing the lover after a year,
A passionate hug

There are many kinds of hugs,
Some big, some tight,
some small, some light
But every hug comes from the heart
Which holds so many emotions
Some true, some false
Some right, some wrong

Brainy Friday

LifeSong heaved a sigh of relief that I gave the answer already when she read my lament. Dear LS, here is your welcome-back gift :mrgreen: šŸ˜ˆ

And all you lovely folks reading this, if you are still stuck up at work or are aimless about what to do as you see Friday night nearing, have fun solving this one. Answer to be out tomorrow!

Guess what am I talking about:

Everyone glances at me,
But rarely does anyone touch me

I never touch the ground,
unless someone wishes so

The lady of the house,
cannot work without looking at me

It takes sometime for people to know,
When I retire from my duties.
But all hopes are not dashed,
Since I can be revived anytime, anywhere.

Lament of the forlorn

You keep moving me here and there
wherever and whenever

On the bed, in the wardrobe
On the floor, atop the dresser

You know you can’t live without me
I am a part and parcel of your life

You have all the patience in the world
when you wait for me
to get hot

And then you hold a firm grip on me
Your hands move with me
up and down
back and front
across and bottom

Please find a permanent place for me Zack
You know how cold I get on the floor
And how warm it is on the bed

~ The most underrated, your iron box