Announcing the arrival of Moo

Moo made an entry into this world last Saturday at 8 shattering atleast 20 peoples prediction that Moo would be a boy. Would you believe, my moms best friend waiting outside the hospital room with my parents and many other friends, commented ‘its a boy’, hearing the loud wail of Moo as soon as she was pulled out. I am told she was more shocked than surprised when she held Moo because she has a track record of her predictions going always right. Also, 90% of my extended inlaws family had told I will have a boy seeing my tummy in the baby shower function. I feel happy thinking that now I can finally tell them gleefully that ‘see, I told you I am carrying a girl’ 😈

People, our Moo has already started being a rebel.

On the eve of my due date, my doctor found that Moo has not descended yet and still was sitting very high up. She gave us three days to wait, after which my amniotic fluid levels were found to be very low. Waiting for few more days was a risk which she was unwilling to take. And I had to be admitted for an operation. I had a very jovial anaesthesiologist who continuously asked me stuff like what’s the difference between medu vada and dahi vada. The head nurse brought a wrapped bundle with a funny cap to me when I was getting stitched up and said, here is your daughter. I kissed her feet and said wow to myself.

* * *

Its been a week with Moo and I am slowly learning to understand my daughter. Her cries are different when she is hungry and when she has peed. She likes to hear us talk to her in evenings and raises a storm if we just leave her alone. While sleeping, she looks like a calm and happy squirrel but other times she is a monkey. Her nails are so sharp already, she has scratched me twice.

* * *

My dad is furious that I am not sleeping when I get time ( meaning when Moo naps ) and so he took away my laptop. I am typing this post from phone and it is going to be like this for a while. I have not been online for a while and my reader must have at least 100 unread posts. So tell me, how are you doing? Missed me? 🙂


Lazy Pointers

  1. I am now cooling off my heels at parents place, which means I am triple lazy than I ever was in my whole lifetime.
  2. This laziness is seeping in all parts of my life, I am too lazy to be online too 😐
  3. Both MIL and mummy have been after me to keep walking till the end of my pregnancy, which I am happy to follow. But they are also asking me to sweep and swab the floor, which my gynec also suggested, but then again I am too lazy to do.
  4. My niece was very sad on the day I left home to depart for my parents place, so to cheer her up, all the ladies dressed her up with a cute little pattu-pavada and long hair extensions wrapped with loads of flowers.
  5. Since Zack has been freed from my constant tyranny for a minimum of 5 months, he is making full use of my absence to watch the horror and war movies which I never allowed him to download :mrgreen:
  6. I thought of writing ‘Miss you’ love letters daily, as I used to do post-engagement and pre-wedding, but then again I am feeling lazy to type them.
  7. My room at parent’s place looks and feels different. The first day after coming here, I burst into tears because I was missing my marital home bedroom very badly.
  8. I am getting more hungrier by the day, am actually eating every 2 hours. Thankfully, my laziness is helpful here. I eat instant foods, like fruits, curd, dry fruits. Otherwise I am sure my mother would put me up for adoption seeing my demand for food.
  9. I have been temporarily locked out of my Facebook account. No matter what I do, I am unable to log in. I am sure it has been hacked. I even changed my password, but I get the same message all the time, that I am locked out. Is this my punishment for my laziness 😯 How to do the penance 😥 😥

The lost one

Dear Precious,

April last year, your papa and I chanced upon a webpage which had the advertisement of an ovulation calculator. On a whim I entered the required dates and there it showed, that I had a ‘window’ of 5 days and that particular day was the last of the 5. Planning for a kid was not in the agenda. But that night, something clicked somewhere and we entered into the baby making business.

The start of May showed no sign of you. Then my mind went into an overdrive. If I happen to conceive in May, that would result you in February – our favourite month of the year. Triple celebrations would have followed. After all the scheming, plotting and the threatening have-to-do-it-tonight emotional blackmailings to the husband, you finally had me anticipated and on my toes when I did not get my periods in June. On the day your maternal grandparents were to arrive at home after a long train journey of 2 days, I could contain my excitement no longer. In the morning before picking them up from the railway station, I saw a faint line in the home pregnancy test. It was not very dark and so we made a trip to a gynec’s to get it confirmed. The doc poked around and showed me a little coin shaped sac in my belly – your nest. As I welcomed your grandparents with a mischievous smile announcing you, the twinkle and shock in their eyes remains to be treasured.  One week of full pampering by two sets of grandparents and you made your presence all the more felt by the repeated nausea and fatigue. I shivered a little when I found that I had some spotting in the morning the return train journey was scheduled. I could not in any way discuss anything in front of the happy faces departing from home. A quick call to your pediatrician uncle made me fix the next available appointment at the radiologist’s. All through the waiting time at the reception the next day at the scan centre, your papa kept pacifying the agitated and nervous me. The radiologist asked me thrice if this was my first pregnancy, making me confused. Then he showed me the screen and said I see no evidence of a pregnancy. I insisted otherwise, showing the previous scan reports. We had lost you.

The gynec is a no-nonsense lady and said as a matter-of-fact tone that it is quite normal for first timers and we will have plenty of time and chances later. All through the day I kept getting calls from your uncles and aunts having words of comfort for me. Your papa was the rockstar during this time – always keeping my spirits up. The five days following your disappearance had me suffer the worst of my cramps. And then I thought – you had a good life after all 🙂 Till the time you were there, there was never a dull moment for you and me. I had access to the yummiest of foods, no work at all and so much of relaxation! Dear one, you are and always will be a blessing to me – teaching so many things about life, people, hope and patience.

Your papa and I decided that we will stop trying for a few months and focus on healing myself physically and being happy in general. I got a beautiful surprise in the form of a birthday vacation and I welcomed the new year quite adventurously.

Can you imagine the shock of surprise when I saw two pink lines on a home pregnancy test at 4 in the morning a couple of months down the line?

You were planned – prim and proper.

And this little monkey made its presence without any kind of following the ‘to-do’ list – checking the ovulation calendar, eating the right foods, taking prenatal vitamins, best positions for baby making, yadda yadda and all the guidelines which make so many websites mint money like anything. I was so shocked that I shook up the deep-in-slumber husband and showed him the stick. Guess what he said. “Oh wow, congrats Visha” And then goes to sleep. Just. Like. That. In the morning I am made to listen to his ‘dream’ about me doing out this previous scene. But since mamma knows your papa so well, she had already foreseen this and clicked a picture of the stick. It was his turn to be in a state of shock :mrgreen: And in that state of disbelief he was, until he heard the heartbeat at the radiologist’s. And how was I? The same.

You know me. Things have to go according to my plan. I am skeptical to things taking me off-guard. So when this pregnancy started becoming more and more real with the morning+noon+night sickness, I also counted the day when the monkey will finally come into this world. It turned out to be May. The hottest month of the year. There I was, planning for your arrival in February, and here I am expecting a summer baby.

So how is the monkey doing?

Well, I think I will face a mega-faceoff once he/she comes to know that I am referring to her/him as monkey. So we will be a bit kind and give a short and sweet name, like, umm…Moo? Yeah, Moo it shall be.

So Moo is now 25 weeks old, sitting pretty in the tummy having made all the arrangements conducive to itself without even 1% of regard to mummy. Moo does not like me sitting or sleeping, I should always be vertical or walking. As soon as I sit in the office seat, I get a hello from Moo by the way of a well-aimed kick. Post lunch is the play time, where the tummy becomes a playground – playing occurs up, down, right, left, whichever direction is possible. Already there are food preferences, you know? Strawberry shakes are welcome, but beetroot juice is not.

Ah well, this is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg I think.

Yours, craving-to-sleep-on-the-stomach mummy.