On re-reading

I finished reading a crime thriller today. Unwanted by Kristina Ohlsson. It was an engrossing read and I enjoyed carrying and reading the book wherever and whenever I could. Which means between the kitchen, bedroom and dining room. Before breakfast, after breakfast, between waiting for the pressure to release from the cooker, after putting Boo to bed and the likes. The book was a good page turner till about three-fourths of the length but I could guess the motive of the killer before the detectives, so it was kinda drab towards the end. Now I have to switch the genre to stop feeling detectivish🤣🤣

Do you guys feel there is too much of everything these days? The niche is kinda lost. I can make a list!

1. Too many books to read

2. Too many movies to watch

3. Too too many shows on streaming platforms

4. Too many songs one can listen to

5. Too many TV shows to watch – old and new

With the lockdown and new baby is hand I spent lot of time using phone and laptop to watch content online. All the times when I had to put her to sleep on me and not move lest baby wakes up. I watched so much that the excitement of seeing something online got faded and jaded. I generally don’t consume much graphical content, we don’t have Netflix or any other streaming subscription and we hardly watch tv. The daily grind was such that when we retire to bed we are exhausted to do any kind of watching. So when I got so much time in hand I took to extreme consumption of movies old and new. But as every fling has a time limit, I reached it just as the previous year ended. And fell back to my original loves – reading and writing.

Ok I am going nowhere 😬

So what I was talking about is because of excessiveness at hands the niche is somewhat lost. When you don’t have too many options you cherish what you have or own with your soul. This could be other topic I can go on and on 🧐

On reading and books

I stopped reading last year when we no longer had to travel to work. The 35 minute commute each way would be my solace, the sounds in the train carriage would become a faraway background noise while I am engrossed into my book. I would chose only those books to read which would not be too heavy to lug around since I carried only one bag – book + food + wallet + weather specific accessory ( umbrella/ scarf/ hat ) all in one backpack. I travelled with a book all of my working life barring few occasions when I would forget to replace a read book in my bag. Now there is an interesting story as to how I build my stash of books. 

We have a book exhibition every year organised by a non-profit organisation in different suburbs across the calendar year. All proceeds from the sale go to the welfare duties done by the organisation. They have various categories of books catering for all ages and genres. You pick any book and the cost is a dollar. Some children’s books are even priced at 20 and 50 cents. The first time I visited the exhibition in my suburb I was naturally spoilt for choice. I carried a bag full of goodies and came back twice to make a stash to last an year. It was a delight to rummage through old and new authors and try out new genres. The best part is we can also donate books to the exhibition which is then categorised and put up for sale. The second year I gave back about 50 books and picked up a 60. $60 spent for a good cause and I have books to last an year or more. I found I don’t always make a good choice in choosing authors but the number is not too high. 2019 saw me give away many books again and I am now down to 40.

Zack knows about the book day many weeks in advance due to my constant reminders. I don’t make breakfast and am out before anyone wakes up. Moo will take a look at her set which I select and scream why didn’t I take her too and then we go together again 😂

With the pandemic the exhibition didn’t go ahead this year. But I didn’t miss it either since I couldn’t get myself to read at home at all 😩😩 There are so many books sitting unread that it can easily last another year. 

I picked up a book on whim today and to my horror I found I am so slow!! In the time I finished a page I used to read three 😳😳😳 I am reading Miss You by Kate Eberlen after this long hiatus, hope it doesn’t disappoint!

Latest samachaar

The waiting game has officially begun.

The due date is May 14. My gynec says Moo can enter the world 15 days earlier, also I can be overdue for a week at least.

The summer heat is making my evening walks difficult. Its the only time of the day when I step out and my already limited set of clothes courtesy the expanding belly has exhausted. Since 2 days I have been stepping out in cotton maxis without a care of what will people say ( and where I live, people say a LOT). I waddle like a penguin so I am prime time entertainment for the little ones in the society and seeing them ape me, I laugh crazy.

I have been drinking all kinds of juices to keep myself hydrated in this heat. Only aam panna is left to be relished. Should make that soon.

The society ladies are having fun predicting the gender of Moo by virtue of their God gifted full anatomical X-ray which they do and seem to be adept at. One look is all it takes and they are ready to place bets. I maintain a stoic smile throughout, which makes them add that Moo will be a quiet child 🙄 😯

At last, finally, finally I got hooked on to a book. Matthew Reilly is an old love which I recently found lying quietly in my room in a forgotten shelf, gathering dust. So happy to re-start reading with him.

I had earlier written here about how I would blog daily, but it looks too much of an effort to switch on the laptop and type a post and publish it when there is an alternative option of being in deep slumber like a hippo. So when I get these sudden bouts of energy like today, I will make you read what all is going on okie.