The manila folder

After writing the December letter last night, I went through the earlier eleven letters again. I feel happy to say that the year was a mixed bag, neither absolutely good nor absolutely bad. I have some resolutions, but then again, I could have started it last year itself. There is no need of a new year to start of something, right? Laziness and plain tiredness are the sole cause of my never-get-to-see-the-start resolutions ūüė•

I am linking all the letters here so that it is easier for me to give a full-blown unending torture to Zack, when the time finally arrives that he becomes free from his project at work and gets to read them.

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On an unrelated note, I had a big, bad fight with him yesterday ūüėź

Smita says, “Your year would be a reflection of the first day of the year“, taking that into consideration, I wish I do not turn violent with him in 2013 :mrgreen:

Jolly January

Dear Hubby,
That was some party I enjoyed. I had never been to a New Year’s eve before, so did not know how this would turn out. I loved the little kid’s dance the most. All of 3 years and ready to dance in a beat. I stifled my laughter a lot when you finished your chicken fry in less than 5 minutes and then came up with another serving fighting the deluge at the food counter. Looks like the organisers won over the people in the food area. Music was good too. I never knew you dance so unabashedly. 
Three days later your cousin S bought a new car home. Taking full advantage of the fact that his wife was at her parent’s for the delivery of his second child and he won’t get this kind of time at hand once he will have a new born and a kid to juggle, he appointed me as the vacation-designer. Almost all the visit worthy spots in and around the city were covered. Just to remind you, the first place were we went in the car was Lumbini Gardens – how beautiful it was ūüôā
Pongal celebration turned out well. I so wanted to wear a saree, but the running around and cooking left me so tired that I could not have the energy to drape a silk saree. I did see you and S hiding the plate of vadas in the microwave. What did you think? I won’t be able to control before the puja was over? hmpf. 
I know you completely hate waking up early in the morning. But thanks for waking up at 4 in that cold and accompanying me to pick up papa. He never expected his daughter and son-in-law at the station, the look of surprise on his face was priceless. Also, I never expected you to shift to the other room while we came back home. Papa thinks you wanted to give him the bigger room and some privacy. While I know you wanted to finish of your sleep and so hit whatever bed you saw after entering home. 
The drive to Nandi hills was oh-so-beautiful. And so was the sunset. We got the glimpse of the setting sun just 10 seconds before. Huffing and puffing we were running up to the sunset point with a 4 year old. But the view was worthy of it. Majestic.
And then we got the best news of the year as well as the month. S got blessed with a baby boy. I remember you could not even type an sms properly to me – you were so happy. Everyone in the family had rushed to see the baby and we were left here, working, not getting leaves.
So all in all January was a pretty good month. New car and new baby in the family, papa visited me and we celebrated a festival nicely. All our attempts of finding a new sofa set proved futile. If you and I liked the design, MIL did not. Guess it was not the time for a sofa to enter our home and our patience paid off many months down the line.

Couple of announcements

It humbles me every single time when I get praised for a perfectly turned out evening dinner, when the office presentation impresses the client or when I get the world’s most beautiful hugs from my nieces. And I was humbled when Sri asked me to do a guest post. A prolific writer churning out superb posts in the crime and horror genre that you want to read more and more of his works, asking moi for a post? Whats more, he is going to get published soon. So when he asked me to share my thoughts in his blog, I was on cloud nine. Toffee sent me on the clouds few months ago and now Sri. I feel so happy undoubtedly. Hope you guys enjoy my piece – Just mind it at Sri’s : The guy who has malignant humour in his head.


The whole of December last year, every single day I had hand written letters given to Zack when he came home from work. They were mushy to the core, pretty lengthy too. After receiving 10 such letters, one fine night he casually mentioned that I sound like a priest, always wishing him a happy and a blessed life ūüė•

Naturally, my reaction was that of a kid who got a toy snatched. Armed with the sole motive of torturing him, I set out to write even lengthier letters, which I am sure he just whizzed through with tired eyes night after night. So that he could get a peaceful sleep and not a nagging radio channel.

Last December I did not have a blog, but this year I do. Since I do not intend to do an encore and make his eyes cry out of pain at 11 in the night, I am planning to write the letters here. Since he does not read my blog, he can’t complain about anything :mrgreen:

12 days left for the New Year to dawn.
Each day I will write about every month of this year, hoping to relive, enjoy, learn, love and laugh again.

January rewind has begun. January letter to follow shortly.