Brainy Friday

LifeSong heaved a sigh of relief that I gave the answer already when she read my lament. Dear LS, here is your welcome-back gift :mrgreen: 😈

And all you lovely folks reading this, if you are still stuck up at work or are aimless about what to do as you see Friday night nearing, have fun solving this one. Answer to be out tomorrow!

Guess what am I talking about:

Everyone glances at me,
But rarely does anyone touch me

I never touch the ground,
unless someone wishes so

The lady of the house,
cannot work without looking at me

It takes sometime for people to know,
When I retire from my duties.
But all hopes are not dashed,
Since I can be revived anytime, anywhere.

Find the dad

Mrs. B One had two kids : Master C One and Miss D One

What is the name of the kids father?

P.S  There are two valid answers.

P.P.S  The first three who answer correctly will find a personalised email in their mail boxes from me, containing a never heard before ( I think) LJ (lame joke) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

P.P.P.S  Answers to be declared tomorrow same time. Since no copying will be allowed, all comments will be published at the same time with the answer. What? Its exam time all around buddies 😈 😈

Edited to add:

First answer is Mr.One

Second answer is though technically the husband of Mrs. B One is Mr. One, you cannot be sure he is the father of the kids 😈

DI answered the riddle perfectly, actually to the T, damn good D πŸ™‚