Whenever I feel like romance is missing in my life, I listen to the Alaipayuthe jukebox and instantly there is a smile on my lips and my mood is uplifted. I have not watched the movie completely till date, but the songs, I am in love with them since long. Tamil is not my first language, I have picked it up by listening to my parents and Sun TV 😀 I cannot speak the language fluently but can manage. I enjoy listening to Tamil songs as much as I enjoy Hindi songs. Some of my favorites this season are:

I am instantly in a dreamland on hearing this song. I love everything about it, the lyrics, the acting, the music. Newly weds who are slowly getting to know each other, always rings a bell 😉

* *

I have loved this movie like anything. The most I like about this song is its picturization. Also, new love portrayed so convincingly.

* *

Now this has nothing to do with romance. But this song was a favorite among the office guys and they loved playing it during the lunch hour. It caught on pretty quickly to all of us and it became a ritual to play and dance to this song. I miss my work place badly 😦


Desi romance

“Why is your smartphone looking so dull?’
“I installed an app so that the screen brightness can be reduced”
“But why, it looks as if the phone is dying slowly”
“I do not want to disturb your sleep with the phone’s light”

Such incidents squash my laments consisting of why I am never showered with gifts, surprises, dates, impromptu trips, cards, mush…etc…etc….etc…

Romance reloaded

Cards. Flowers. Candle-light dinners. Gifts. Mush. Chocolates. Secret night-outs. Discotheques. Lovey-dovey text messages. Surprises. Vacations.

All the above mentioned stuff are inevitable between two people in love.

But not between Zack and Visha.

Zack is as un-romantic as one can imagine. And I am what you call the hopelessly romantic. No wonder it is said opposites attract.

Come to think of it, he was at this romantic best before marriage. On my birthday, since he was 2000 km away from me, he sent me a bunch of red roses and a card, which were given to me by the courier guy. Maybe after starting to live with me, whatever was left of his romanticism went up in a puff of smoke 🙄

But then, I think we redefine what is the general idea of romantic 😛


He getting home crispy masala vadas for her when there is lightning and thunder outside and a hint of rain.

She making him coffee when the rain has started pouring.

He waiting an extra hour at the office just so that he can pick her up from office on days she is late.

She making sure they stop at the snacks shop even though it is late just so that he gets to devour on his favourite masala dosa.

He keeping an eye for her favourite fruits when they go food and grocery shopping and slipping it in the trolley without her knowledge.

She on the lookout of that particular brand of perfume which he likes and is very lazy to hunt for himself.

He messaging her when he leaves from office – no matter it contains just two letters “L N” (Leaving now)

She smiling seeing the message, knowing how he absolutely hates text messaging and calling him back to say “Take care”

He trying his best to make it to the paani-puri kiosk because he promised they would eat her favourite paani-puri every Friday evening

She as usual reaching there a bit earlier and pre-ordering his favourite masala-puri so that it is ready sizzling hot after the plate of paani-puri is over – just the way he likes it



Happy weekend folks!