Three ponders of the mind

The husband is very weird.

Some days, he will not move a muscle even though he sees me slogging off doing all kinds of household chores.
Some days, he will do any and everything before I even open my mouth even though it is not necessary – like making me a cup of hot milk before I doze off.

Festival means food.

Festivals can be celebrated without family and friends, but without lip smacking and yummy food? I don’t think so. Not to think that we did not have the two this Diwali. But the taste of that drumstick and brinjal sambar still lingers, more than the sight of my neighbor’s amused face on seeing me screaming hoarse to the kids during the bursting crackers ceremony.

Shopping can be done in less than half an hour.

Zack’s took 15 minutes. And mine 20 minutes. We stepped out to shop exactly the day before Diwali, since a week earlier a relative had passed away and the mourning period lasted till Thursday. He had some fitting issues with his trousers, we were asked to come after 3 hours for the alterations to be ready. After waiting leisurely for a rava dosa in the crowded hotel and savoring till the last bite, we stepped into a saree store for my shopping. The sarees which I got have been literally envied by the ladies in the clan. I asked Zack to ‘nazar utarofy’ my precious sarees, such intense longing for my clothes I have never witnessed. I was in half a mind to give them to one of them, but then I could not – they were so pretty to let go 😛

ETA : DauntlessDaisy, Smita, TGND and Seena, here are the photos of the sarees 🙂



Jodhpur Silk

Jodhpur Silk


Novel November

Dear Hubby,

The first week of November saw us doing the Diwali purchases. I admire your patience in taking me to various places to do my sari shopping. But your absolute disinterest ‘while’ I shop is somewhat strange. But seriously, you have to agree, I am way, way better than the women in your family who spend almost half the day in one shop itself. I guess your disinterest stems from waiting endlessly during one such shopping trip during your bachelor days 😆

Last year, we celebrated Diwali at my parent’s place. This being my first here, I wanted to do it prim and proper. I hereby promise that I will never ever say these words in future. My back was totally broken by the end of the day. I loved how you served me my lunch at 4. I loved you even more when you saved some crackers for me which I delightfully lighted at 10. But honestly, I am planning to run off to some place in the coming years.

This was the first time I did something on impulse – booking tickets for my own annual vacation. Before I could change my mind, in less than 3 minutes, I was staring at my confirmation sms. I so wanted to go home in the last week of December, but since it was clashing with your sisters visit, I preponed the trip by a couple of weeks.

November was a breeze, I could not comprehend that it got over so soon. Just when I had finished the sweets made during Diwali, came another occasion to make a new batch of new goodies 🙂