My brother never dreams in his sleep. Nor does my father. Nor does Zack. Each one of them have sound, deep sleep. Before I conclude that this feature is exist only on those minds who do not over think, I found out that my MIL also has dreamless sleep. She is one who keeps thinking all the day, majorly voicing her opinions ๐Ÿ˜€ The moment she closes her eyes she snores after 5 seconds. Even her mother and sister cannot fathom this fact of hers ๐Ÿ™„

I wish everyday that I get a peaceful and deep sleep, but I can count on my fingers the days I have not dreamt while sleeping till date. The only cause I find which works for my mind and body is total physical exhaustion. Like the day I worked in my garden – digging, shoveling, making the flowerbed with the freshly dug mud, fetching pails of water, etc. Or the house-warming functions in the families – attending the guests, walking up and down the stairs, pre and post cleaning, kitchen work, never getting a chance to be idle, etc. It’s only under such extreme physical labour that my mind manages to go into a blissful clean slate, otherwise it works 24×7.

It’s not always what happened during the day which is manifested in the dream, or the movie scene I just saw before I went to sleep. It does happen sometimes though which can be 20% numerically. Most of the times the dreams are disjointed, unrelated, downright funny, surreal, mysterious, but never plain. How do I explain myself why did I dream about meeting a girl who left my school when she was 8 and to whom I spoke only twice or thrice ๐Ÿ™„ Or the way I see the same dream from start to finish at various ages. Or the manner in which I know what course should the dream take this time, since the outcome of an alternative course was already experienced.

This ‘no-dream-no-sleep’ thingie effectively secludes me from the rest of the family, both maiden and in-laws.
There have been uncountable times when I have envied the brother, who sleeps like a sloth once his eyes are closed. When I ask him, he says he might have dreamed, about once or twice. And he is 21. Go figure.

The feel-envy-tradition continued with Zack. The guy dreams occurrences can be categorized as rarest of the rare, actually he says he never had dreams until he was single. Only when I came in, he had dreams about me. What do you dream about me I ask. Oh some unusual stuff, you are angry at me and you are not allowing me to sleep peacefully. To slightly redeem the situation he improvises and says he dreamt that I go on a world tour alone.

How I wish to give my mind a break. Sigh. Do you guys have tips for having dreamless sleeps?


Honey, where is the moon?

What do newly weds do on their honeymoon?

Since I have a mature audience, I do not need to answer this question ๐Ÿ˜›

Now what did Zack and Visha do in their honeymoon?

Zack slept through most of it and Visha sat contemplating how to disrupt his peaceful and the world-may-come-to-an-end-I-dont-care snores.

No, I kid you not.

Agreed, the wedding was tiring. 3 days of madness, back-breaking rituals, temple visits, family lunch dates.

But to sleep, sleep and keep on sleeping on your honeymoon?

This is a true story, so do not have a notion that I am cooking this story. In fact, when my in-laws heard about our honeymoon, after the expected cloudburst of laughters, I got the full sympathy while he got the much deserved tch-tchs.

Exactly on the 4th day after the wedding, our supposed honeymoon to SriLanka started. I should have caught the hint which the wind God was throwing to me when I saw Zack’s eyes drooping away while we awaited our flight’s departure. But sadly, I let it go and was hooked to the flight status notice board flashing now and then. Once we landed after an uneventful airborne journey, we had a cheerful guy waiting for us with a placard welcoming us. Inwardly, I was impressed by his choice of place as well as selection of the tour package agency. The moment Zack made sure I was seated comfortably inside the car, he dumped the luggage and promptly went off to sleep sitting besides me. The bemused look upon our guide’s face was enough to seal the fate of our honeymoon.

Once we reached our hotel near the beach, I shook him gently. Maybe or because it was lunch time, he woke up after the third prod. After check-in and a hurried lunch, needless to say, he crashed into the bed. Meanwhile, I spent a good part of the noon, admiring the rose wood furniture and shiny bathroom fittings. I inwardly cursed myself for not bringing even one book, thinking where would be the time to read when erm..there are other things to do? When he woke up from his slumber, it was already 7 in the evening.

“Visha, am all refreshed now, lets go out and do some sightseeing. First we will go at the beach and play in the water.”

“At 7 in the evening honey?”

“Whaaatt? Its 7? Gosh, I did not know I was asleep for so long.What did you do the whole noon?”

I was eyeing the flower vase when he asked this, I think he put 2 and 2 and thought it better not to question me further. We went around for a walk, had dinner. I was totally exhausted by the end of the day and promptly slept off the moment I entered our room. Zackย makes sure the door is locked, curtains are drawn, gives a good-night kiss and ……….5 minutes later, I hear his snores.

In the 4 days of our planned itinerary, we missed many such sight-seeing chances due to Zack’s erratic sleep schedules. Apart from the mandatory afternoon nap, the time between breakfast and lunch and evening tea and dinner would invariably be spent sleeping.Whatever time we could squeeze in with his eyes fully open, we spent walking, shopping, mountain climbing.

It was Day 3 I think. We had returned to our room after a sumptuous English breakfast. Instead of taking me out, my darling hubby chose to succumb to the comfort of the huge bed. After an hour or so, he opened an eye to find me sitting right besides him. Pulling me gently towards him, he started patting me to sleep. He could not see how his kind and sweet wife became a violent one amidst the shower of unending pillow hits. Right and left. Again and again. On and on I went. The hits lasted for about 5 minutes I think. With a bewildered look in his eyes, he said

“What the hell Visha, what happened? Did I say anything wrong during breakfast? Heck, I did not even do anything. I am just sleeping without disturbing you”

“My point exactly Zack. You are NOT doing anything”

Tube light flickered in his mind.

And thus the holy concept of honeymoon was saved of its re-definition.