Observations today


That’s the word kids say instead of Sorry in school these days. Moo taught me. Classic example of things I want my kid at school to learn vs things my kid actually picks up at school.


I spent 8 hours alone today working from home. Zack was at work, Moo at school and then after school care and baby Boo at childcare. It felt weird to have the house all to myself without any needing or shouting for me. And weirder to have lunch alone. I am usually very comfortable doing things on my own but I guess constant presence of a fellow human has robbed me of that comfort. I finished my lunch watching movie trailers on my laptop and got back to work.


I never try reusing anything I cooked earlier in a different recipe. But that never can’t be used ever again. I remade toasted paneer into paneer cutlets. I want to try making falafel from leftover chana masala now.


The cold is starting to get to my feet. I have to start wearing woollen socks because the house slippers are not keeping me warm enough. I am on my feet early in the morning when it is freezing. In the list of (many) renovations our home needs, first is the necessity of adding a heater to the bathroom.

Foodie times

Am so full of food today! It has been a food filled Saturday. Our family friends brought food for lunch, I had made some beets and morkuzhambu or kadhi as well so it became like a potluck. Then during an evening shopping errand we found a SriLankan eatery selling hot snacks. The smell was wafting all around in the lane and we couldn’t resist peeking inside. Bread rolls stuffed with veggies, medu vadai and susiyam was belted. Grocery shopping at the Indian store finished we got a call from the same friends who came over in the morning to come over their place for dinner and I ate hot adais off the stove with spicy tomato chutney.

And the weekend isn’t over yet. We have a birthday dinner to attend tomorrow as well, in a restaurant that too.

Our family is celebrating this year’s Holi dunking right and left in food instead of food 😆😆 Wish all of you who are celebrating a peaceful and happy Holi 🤗

My day in highlights

I saw three different birds for the first time in my life and have no idea how to find out what they are called. They are in my memory and I will describe them to the kids during one of the story sessions.

Moo had a speech to prepare and present today at school which she and I have been working on since yesterday evening. During morning drop off we kept revising it and she assured me she will remember it all. I also heard another mum revising with her son and felt solidarity with her. Mum pep up talks are universal.

Evening park visit resulted me in leaving the fam in park and me on a 20 minute solo trip on a steep uphill circuit. My legs were shaking till I walked back home and I saw that I had conveniently forgotten about the dosa batter I had to grind tonight. My back is hurting but I may have found a new daily evening walk circuit.

On days when I am absolutely short on time to cook dinner I flash cook veggies that go with noodles and mix schezwan sauce into it. Yummy filling dinner ready within the time it takes for the noodles to cook through. Added some lime juice soaked green leaves as a side for crunch and we were done.

We have birthday party invites for the remaining weekends of March and I am yet to buy gifts. One is a 4 year old who loves outdoors and another is a baby who turns 1. And I have till Friday to go and purchase because next week is jam packed with chores and tasks.

Exhausting and tiring days make me high, who am I even 😂😂