The one where we learn about Zack’s feelings for……

While cleaning out the wardrobe, every single time I complain to Zack about the number of un-used clothes he has.

“I am going to give away all your old T-shirts, you have so many of them.”


After a few days, the man is furious to see one of those very shirts being used a mop-cloth to clean the house.

“Vishaaaa…you did not have any other piece of cloth? You thought of only this T-shirt?”

“I did ask you the other day, you were ok with it”

“You asked to give them away, not use them like this”

I can see him getting bewildered. I tell him that it was really old and it was of the perfect soft cotton material giving the best results, while maintaining a straight face. Resigned to the fate of this T-shirt, he went back to his work.

“I wish you had chosen any other from that lot, why did you have to choose this one”, he quips.

It was a plain solid dark brown color T-shirt for God’s sake, why did he have to be so touchy about it. He never is. I know I am about to roll my eyes when I hear the answer. And so I ask him.

It was complimentary with a formal shirt which I bought ages ago, when I first started work.

I am silent, pleading my brain to understand.

And I have never worn it ever since. I forgot where I had kept it. And today, after all these years, you had to choose only this particular one, to use as a MOP”


What do I learn from this episode?

Zack’s T-shirts have stories!!

Lament of the forlorn

You keep moving me here and there
wherever and whenever

On the bed, in the wardrobe
On the floor, atop the dresser

You know you can’t live without me
I am a part and parcel of your life

You have all the patience in the world
when you wait for me
to get hot

And then you hold a firm grip on me
Your hands move with me
up and down
back and front
across and bottom

Please find a permanent place for me Zack
You know how cold I get on the floor
And how warm it is on the bed

~ The most underrated, your iron box

The tomato story

Two tomatoes were lying on the dining table since 2 weeks. They were plucked from the home garden when they showed a hint of red from the sea of green, washed, dried and laid on a plate to ripen. To see them every morning was a pretty sight. Tufts of green leaves on their head, which made them look as if they sprouted spiky hairs.  And two of them sitting side by side, you could imagine their gummy smiles too. As each day passed, the colors started to change. From green to orange to red. But they never morphed into bright red like the ones we see and buy in the markets.

Should they be used today, or should we wait for tomorrow, would be the question me, FIL and MIL would ponder. After all, this was the first time we could eat home-grown tomatoes. As luck would have it, we ran out of store-bought tomatoes today morning. Rasam had to be made and there was no other alternative left. The redder of the two had to be finalized. And the choosing ceremony happened. Now the lone less-redder tomato sits alone on the dining table, looking forlorn and lost. Maybe, the last thing it discussed with the now used up tomato was  – “your turn or mine” 😀