The two minute schedule

My morning schedule before going to work –

8:55 – The lunch box is packed for Zack
8:55 to 8:57 – Wolf down the breakfast which would be pongal/dosa/idli/poori/upma
8:57 to 8:59 – Change into work friendly clothes and fix hair so that it does not look like a nest.
8:59 to 9:00 – Pack the handbag, slip into flats, plonk self on the already-started-bike pillion and enjoy the passing views.

This remains the same irrespective of what time I wake up. One day, I woke up at 6 and finished all the chores by 8:15. Still I had just 2 minutes to eat and 2 minutes to get ready. I had immersed myself in reading the newspaper and looked up when I heard a mild cry asking me to look at the clock. One other day when I had woken up early , I spent almost half an hour on drawing the kolams 😯

And now when I am perfectly attuned to this harried schedule of rushing away to work, in less than two weeks I can devour the pongal slowly and actually spend some time rummaging the wardrobe due to my changed office timings. When I mentioned this to Zack last night, he said – “Finally you will know the real taste of what you cook.” Even though he loves Chandler to bits, he does not have an iota of the latter’s sarcastic sensibilities. So am not sure what to make of his statement 😐


About the lack of time

My office recently shifted closer home, which cut my morning travel with Zack. Earlier, both our offices were 15km from home, and we used to go together and sometimes come back together. On the way back we used to shop some home essentials or catch the hot masala dosa at the eatery. Riding in the pillion seat, I used to continuously yap about the beautiful weather, the snarling traffic, the occasional funny movie poster or what-happened-office today stories. So in a day,  I used to spend at least 6 to 7 hours with him.

In 2 weeks, two things happened. And both not compatible to each other, though pretty good in their own stead.

First the office shift. Now the distance is under 5 km. It hardly takes me 15 min to reach the office. Earlier I used to spend 2 hours in the evening traffic to reach home. Anyone living in Bangalore can vouch for the fact that traffic takes away whatever energy you have after slogging in the office. Now a days, since I reach home in less than 30 min even in rush hour traffic, it has given me new hours at my disposal, which has me wondering how to utilize it at the best.

Second, the project which Zack has been working in office has become more taxing and demanding than ever. Even when he is home, he is researching on it and thinking about new ways to improve the performance of his codes. He leaves home by 9 and returns by 10 or 11. On days he is home by 9, he works till 12. Sometimes, he is so much focused into the computer screen, that he is oblivious to the stares of his wife. While his boss is supremely happy with him, I just wish he could give Zack some time and work off at least when he reaches home early. On the rare cases when he has no pending issues to be solved, my workaholic hubby will try to learn something or watch some technical videos online.

These days, we hardly interact with each other. He is so dead tired that he snoozes off soon after the dinner.

I have devised a way to ‘make’ some ‘us’ time.

I write him emails. Long ones. Whatever I want to talk I write.

He reads and replies “Ok” or “Yes”

I am happy 🙂