Dum Dum Dum

Writing this post waiting for the cab at this godly hour where mortals are seeped into their comforters is a thrill in itself. The bags are packed for the long weekend cum vacation. Usually Moo is the one to crow at 5AM but now she is fast asleep. Hope she behaves like a statue throughout the train journey.

Its the wedding of my uncle’s son and I will get to hog on kalyaana saapadu after what seems like ages. Since most of the eyes will be on Moo, I did not spend time on trivial stuff like choosing which saree to wear. As if she will allow everything to be in its place. Haha. My main aim is going to be first in the line when the dinner is signaled and gulp down everything as soon as possible. You see, I do not want the other guests to choose between eating and running away because Moo’s current favorite pastime is to screech loudly when she is denied to touch whatever is in front of her. She wants to fingerprint all her available toes and fingers on the plate with food and basically mime feeding imaginary pigeons.

Ok, the cab has arrived, hope to get some time to continue the blogging marathon in the coming days 🙂

Avocado August

Dear Hubby,

We finally made the trip to Shirdi after postponing it so many times. I had never travelled with so many people before, that too in a train,  so it was a new experience for me – coordinating the ticket reservations, cab bookings, cooking and packing and hotel bookings. 19 people vacationing together is bound to have its moments of happiness and problems. I was happy we made a bit more than the money we invested in Tambola. After having loss in two games in a row, I was not in a mood to play again. But then I found your excuse hilarious. “Sit on the lower berth, it was lucky for him, he won 500, it should be lucky for you too.” Just to prove you wrong, I played again, and to my surprise, I won enough money to recover our losses. Must say, that seat was lucky 😀

In the middle of a planned vacation, the impromptu short trips to other tourist places proves to be more exciting. In less than an hour, all of us were ready to travel to almost 100km by bus. Thanks to your cousin, we got a good rate, else am sure someone would have swindled us. The Ellora caves were so mesmerizing, I wish it was our primary reason for our vacation. Certainly 2 hours is not enough. Hope we wish to visit them again later. And if we do visit Ellora, we should also plan for Mahabaleshwar, I have heard enough about the varieties of berries it has to offer.

I think we are not cut out for a peaceful journey every time we step out of for a vacation. The arduous journey of reaching some remote junction to catch our connecting train back, the lack of time to even rest for a while in the middle and the insane amount of running due to wrong platform announcement at the railway station made me swear that we are not stepping out again before we have each and every ticket of the travelling party confirmed. This is what happens if we follow the belief that the tickets will get confirmed at the last-minute.

We did not get the expected amount of rains here and that depressed you because we had installed the rain water harvesting system in the anticipation that we would get to use clean, natural water. From the day we had the installation set up, we had the tank filled up to a maximum of 5 times only. Hope we have rains in abundance the next monsoon.

Just when we were recovering from a tiring journey came the news about your uncle’s deteriorating health. Again the madness started. Of running to and fro. The last 3 days of August were very, very hard and trying. From the day he was admitted till the day he breathed his last in the first week of September, we made four 350km round trips. Both of us used to get so exhausted and drained out.

This month was rough as well as soft. Certainly like an avocado.



Faith, rock and limbs

What happens when 19 members of a family meet together and make a train journey to one of the most religious places in India?

Fun, chaos, laughter, anger, leg-pulling, fights..etc..etc..etc

And what happens when at the last moment of your return journey by train, you find that half of the member’s tickets have not been confirmed?

A hurried call to another relative who books the tickets for the next day, thus leaving one more day to explore.

Sounds good. It was good too. But the sight-seeing, coupled with the fact that we had to go to a city 170km away to catch the train back made us travel in a tempo-traveller for 9 hours resulting in stiff limbs and tired bones by the time we tumbled into our respective homes.

Since we had extended the trip from 4 days to 5 days, I had to take a day’s leave at work, which put more pressure on the deadline which had to be met this Friday. So all in all a very hectic fortnight!

Usually, we do not make any vacation trips during rainy seasons. There are just enough puddles, muck and wet air all around us that puts off all plans. Based on the Coorg trip and this journey to Shirdi, I can assure you about these two places at least – they are awesome during monsoon. Because we did not have confirmed tickets of some of the members, they suggested we book Tatkal tickets for the next day and utilise the one extra day to do some sight-seeing.

On Saturday- from Shirdi, we went to Ellora caves – a 4 hour to and fro journey by road. To our bad luck, our driver was reckless. Half of my limbs were dislodged by the time our vehicle stopped at the Ellora caves 😐

Needless to mention, the caves are wonder-worthy.

So old, but so pristine. We had 3 hours to cover all of them, which proved insufficient. It is an experience to cherish nevertheless.



We returned late on Saturday night, too tired and dis-oriented. How I wish we had a good driver 😦

Tatkal tickets were booked, but from Daund – 4 hours away from Shirdi. Since the previous day had made me aware of unknown muscles and limbs, I was fervently wishing this travel should be painless. But my prayers were not answered, the results too painful.

Thankfully the train journey back home had scenic views and good weather.

Back at office on Tuesday, I had an email sitting prettily for me – detailing my work load for the rest of the week. I had expected it to get over earlier, but it was a tricky bit of programming which made me work till late Friday evening.

Earlier today, Zack asked if I had any plans for the weekend.

Yes, I said.

Blog 😀