The old and the new

The alarm. The mad rush. Cooking. Eating. Getting ready. Being on time. Trying to br on time. Meetings. Thinking. Over thinking. Worrying. Working. New people. New faces. New place. Feeling young. Feeling old. Getting into the groove.


The crowd. The pollution. The familiar sounds. The mad rush when the bus arrives. The jostle. The push. The clinking of coins. The search for the exact change. The traffic. The lights. The walk back to home. The changed shops. The new shops. The neighbourhood sights and smells at twilight.

I am back to savouring them all. I am back to my old routine. I am back at a 9 to 6 job.

The only change is now I along with everybody else, a tiny new face greets me with a huge grin. Off she runs with her little legs carrying her as fast as she can as I try to get hold of her.

Life is good.


After the whirlwind trip last weekend, my sole aim was to go for an Internet detox. The marathon had me spend every available minute looking for fodder online and when the month ended, I was like – no more Internet for few days. In these days, I re-organized my bedroom ( yet again), did spring cleaning in general and tried to make the bed every time Moo was done playing on it. It felt good striking off items from the to-do list and suddenly, the non-blogging phase transformed to more free time at hand.

There are loads of clothes which will not fit me anytime soon and I have stacked and packed them up in the loft. Some pieces I had to think twice before putting them away, it is just so hard to let go of perfectly fine clothes just because they do not fit, sigh.

The pen-pal post I did in the marathon? I am going to write to all of you who signed up 🙂 I so wanted to start writing immediately, but getting ideas for the posts and putting them together consumed most of the time.

This month has one house warming function, anniversary, two birthdays, passport office visits and Moo’s vaccinations, Quite jam packed!

Using the gun

…to shoot bullets 😛

  • I am loving this stay at home mom routine of mine. Everyday is the same, still it is different – one day water got over, the other day Moo made a ruckus while having her bath. She wanted to use the mug and pour water on her by herself and started screaming off when I did not allow her to do so 😐
  • Her nap times have reduced to a great extent. Earlier, she used to sleep off after lunch for a good two hours, which gave me some breather to finish the pending laundry or kitchen work. Now she hardly is asleep for more than half an hour during the afternoons. Her grandparents’s siesta have gone for a complete toss 🙂
  • Because of Moo, we now have a steady stream of people coming over to see her. Neighbors mostly, apart from relatives. She takes some time to warm up to new people, but afterwards she is comfortable in their presence.
  • I am so poor in socializing 😦 We got an invite to a kids birthday party in a nearby apartment and I could not even make small talk with any of the moms over there.
  • I wrote in a journal after a very long time. I started off with what happened lately and went off-tangent, reminiscing about college days 😀
  • I keep making to-do lists everyday, but hardly finish them off. So the list keeps on increasing. Started with 2 tasks on Friday and today I have 6.
  • In the mornings, Moo wakes up first. Then she will wake me up and then Zack. What he will do God knows, but when I come out from the bathroom after my bath, the father and daughter duo will be sleeping soundly 🙄
  • “Do not wake up the sleeping dragon” – is what I keep on hissing to Zack, when he has sudden bouts of affection for Moo and would want to cuddle her. This mostly happens at 12 or 1 in the night.
  • During her evening play time with her cousins, we now have sibling rivalry at full force. Me playing and entertaining Moo is not being taken lightly with the other kids, who are sulking and complaining that I do not play with them like earlier. It is cute and sad at the same time 🙂
  • The niece is hounding me for new stories and I inadvertently let it slip that I will tell her the caterpillar story once she and I have some private time. So she makes sure not to disturb me when I am doing my chores, but keeps on checking with me on regular intervals and reminds me my ‘God promise’ which I made to her 😆
  • I want to take up some new hobby. Any ideas?