Of sun and snacks

The sun peaked out today in full glory and mums across Sydney did six ( or two ) loads of laundry and hung it out to dry.

Not joking.

Confirmed from various sources like social media and physical conversations at school pickups. Some even made their pets lie out in the sun, the dampness due to incessant rains was just too much for the furry friends. The happiness that accompanies the smell of fresh clean sun dried laundry is what heralds adulting you people 🤩

Speaking of adulting, guess who spent ten minutes today decanting snacks for easy pigging during the day 😂. I now have three containers of various kinds of biscuits, one box of roasted peanuts and another one with banana chips. So much munch and crunch going to happen. I never knew it can make such a big difference in choosing and consuming foods. I always had a habit of putting clips on the snacks in the packets they are sold. And dump them into a big box. More than half of the time instead of foraging inside the box we either took new packets of snacks from the pantry or look for some other alternatives to eat. And after few months we throw everything in the bin.

I hope we can save lots of food items if we see them all the time.

In five minutes

Autumn has started in our part of the world since ten days and we are witnessing cool crisp mornings and slightly toasted but not hot evenings. And this cool nutty weather makes us want something warm to eat. The occasional rains make a crunch of murukku or a pakora even more inviting, when the weather cools down further.

We heard from Boo’s daycare yesterday that one more day that is Thursday is available for her apart from Friday and if we are interested we can secure her spot. We agreed since her carer also suggested a two day routine per week is better than a single one. Usually I plan out the next days meals before going to sleep but I didn’t end up doing that. Remember I was doing my own guest thingy – yeah in that relaxed euphoria momentarily forgot real life bites back nicely.

As is customary I checked the weather before stepping into the kitchen and saw the forecast was cloudy with high winds. Vendakkai vatha kozhambu with beans paruppu usili sounded oh-so-yummy in my mind for the weather today, but a glance towards the clock told me I would only be able to shell the garlic pods and chop beans. I had to use the okra at any cost today so decided to make a simple fry out of it ( only roast it and add salt ) and make a moong dal tadka to go with it. I have created shortcuts for most of my family meals so I was done in no time.

I have a work meeting at noon and it goes for an hour. Since I had to coordinate going to the daycare to feed Boo it left me exactly five minutes to eat my lunch. And I cannot tell you how aromatic and soul filling a hot bowl of rice with dal and bhindi fry tastes like when digging into it on a timer. I had a second serve as well.

Totally going to add it to the ‘what’s-your-strength-and-weakness’ kinda questions they ask in job interviews.


In recent times, I can’t think of anything or anybody that holds so great an importance in our daily lives as does the weather.

What to wear?

What to cook?

Weekend plan outdoors or indoors?

The wonder of having four seasons in a day has started rubbing off me. Sydney weather is so unpredictable that even the trains are more dependable in comparison. There are clear divisions of winter, summer, spring and autumn and it would greatly surprise me how everything happens according to the weather forecast. Like December 1 is the start of summer and exactly on that date the temperature would soar up to 35 C from 25 C. Up until few years ago the weather patterns followed the calendar to the T.

But off late, we started having mixed weather in a single day. Early morning will be crisp and cool so you wear a jacket or cardigan when out, by midday it will become sweltering hot so you search for your hat and sunglasses which you didn’t pack because who wants to wear a hat with a jacket. Come late afternoon there is a thunder and storm and now you are wearing your jacket but searching for an umbrella because a downpour has started but that’s okay if you don’t find one because you still have a jacket to not get soaking wet. By evening when you are back to home you are chilled to the bone because have you tried walking with a wet jacket in cool wind and wet hair and you decide to check the weather app tomorrow to dress appropriately and it shows the hottest day of the week with clear blue skies and zero percent of rain.

Experience makes you wise so you carry a hat, jacket, umbrella, mittens, a wet bag and all the paraphernalia but the weather has today behaved like an obedient puppy so you are lugging everything around sweating profusely because it’s a hot clear day. Oh those days when I used to travel for work!

These days it’s a battle between the weather gods and my laundry. I don’t use a dryer and line dry our clothes either on the clothes line or a portable drying rack. I check the weather it says hot sunny day so I diligently put the clothes on the clothes line to dry in the morning. It would be blazing hot so I think I will pick them up after lunch. All of sudden there will be a storm for 5 minutes in the afternoon and everything will be soaking wet. And the next week’s forecast is cloudy and heavy showers 🤦🏻‍♀️