Weekend morning rituals

Amongst others, a new one has joined the habits. I watch movie reviews – old and new. In many ways I find it interesting to hear others opinions on the story, acting and the filmmaking. If I haven’t seen the movie yet, it helps me decide if avoiding would be better. And if I have seen the movie, gives me a mental rewind of the same.

There was a time when I would go ahead with watching a movie even though it had the worst reviews. I would be curious to find out the reality. But not in recent times. It’s not even about the amount of hours spent in watching a bad movie which could have been put to a better use, it is about the disappearing tolerance towards badly made movies.

If watching trailers instead of movies was me as a mum of one, it’s watching reviews instead of trailers as mum of two. If at all I pick up a movie, it is finished in five or six sittings. So reviews work out better for me. I get to know the outline of the story and then watch the trailer if it interests me.

I watched reviews of the new Girl on the train movie. Oh dear I laughed so much.

Late learner

Many a times, what we are advised to do takes a lot of time to translate into reality, for the want of fear of failure or embarrassment. I see myself taking a long time to come to terms to certain things in life, but now that I have been enlightened I wonder if it could have changed anything in the past. One such thing is body positivity. I have been seeing a lot of body positivity reinforcement posts on social media off late. And seeing it in real life makes me genuinely happy.

It dawned to be a hot sunny day with inviting clear blue skies. The elder one pleaded us to take her to the beach since we hardly went out since many months. We gave in and had a quick lunch or curd rice and set off to a kid friendly beach packed with the beachy paraphernalia.

Boo loved the sand and the water like a fish loves being in water. Once she was sufficiently tired I changed her and took a walk around the beach wearing her in a baby carrier while the dad and daughter made sand castles. Everywhere I saw, I saw happy and content faces. Each happy in their own skin. Hardly a handful had picture perfect calendar swimsuit body, but the beauty lied in the fact no one cared. No one cares to stare at anyone as well as no one cares to what someone thinks of themselves. How powerful is that for a society!

I used to be one of those who thought oh gosh look at her, she looks so happy wearing a two piece doesn’t she care about anyone staring at her. Now I ask myself why did I even care to ask that! 😂

How to make bread halwa twice

What do you do, when you find a loaf of bread staring at you solemnly for two days straight and no one in the house wants to eat a toast or sandwich? Google the ways to use it up of course 🙂

I came up with two interesting finds – bread pakoda and bread halwa. The general mood in the house was to have something sweet, so I went in for the latter. Now what happened is I wanted to follow the recipe to the T, but midway I saw the consistency was getting a bit too thick and added more milk. It came out very tasty nevertheless.

What you will need –

Bread slices – 10 to 12

Milk – 1 cup

Ghee – 2 tbsp

Sugar – start with one cup, add more if you want it to be sweeter

Assorted dry fruits – a handful

* *

How I did and then redid the halwa –

In a pan or kadai, heat the ghee and fry the bread cut into small pieces. Once they turn slightly brown and give of a nice aroma, remove them in a plate and throw in the dry fruits. Repeat process.

Now add milk and wait till it starts boiling. Add the bread pieces, stir for a minute or two and then add the sugar. Here is where I ‘redid’ the almost perfect done dish. I thought the halwa was a bit dry and sticky and added half a cup of milk. Instantly, everything muddled up. I kept the flame on high and started stirring vigorously. In the end, it was a lumpy mass, but it tasted good 😀 Topped it with the dry fruits and everybody ate it up yay.