On vada and week ending

Oh what fun it is a treat,

To have a vada dunked in sambar to eat

To celebrate baby Boo’s first day in childcare centre, i made medu vada for lunch today with the usual Saturday menu of keerai sambar and rice. She munched on one mini vada toddling around here and there so the party was successful.

She didn’t have an absolutely good day yesterday but wasn’t too bad either. When I went two hours after morning drop off to feed her she was sniffling and burst into tears on seeing me. After I cajoled her and she was fed I put her in the toys area and stayed on for 5 minutes. I left when she was occupied with a toy and told her carer I would be back in a couple of hours to pick her up. I didn’t want to leave her long for her first day.

We picked up Moo from school and then went to the daycare to pick up Boo. Moo and I found that all the babies in her room were listening to their carer singing a rhyme and munching on some snack. Our baby Boo was lolling her head to the tune of the rhyme and trying to stuff a piece of bread to a boy sitting next to her. We didn’t want to disturb her and the other babies so stayed just inside the door to watch the proceedings from afar. I convinced Moo not to let her sister see her, it would become a difficult scene otherwise. Once all the babies were done and the carer wiped their trays off Moo ran over to Boo. When we stepped out of the centre baby was all smiles and her behaviour back home was like a monkey on steroids. We called it the ‘daycare high’.

I spent some time painting with Moo a few hours ago. It was a number paint, meaning the whole outline is filled with numbers and each number corresponds to a colour. It was quite straightforward at a glance but looking closer I found some areas required composite colours. The number sheet came with a box of water colours and I suggested we start colouring only those areas which need a single colour. We have finished 2% of the colouring now with a single colour.

And Saturday draws to an end…..

Virtual locality

We are part of a Facebook group of the residents in our suburb and it is very active. Anyone who puts a post gets a reply from someone in under 5 minutes guarantee. And the kind of questions which is asked and discussed..95% of the questions are of these type –

And sometimes you would see posts that would be heart warming as well as blood boiling. A happy birthday thread for a 103 year old war veteran. A teenager speed driving and destroying intersections. Someone asking about who makes the best cakes and everyone supporting the local mum baker. It’s nice to spend some time everyday reading all the posts.

I was feeling a bit different today. Watery eyes, itchy nose and start of sneezes but not sneezy. And it is the middle of summer here. The mind started to think if I have come into contact with the world famous virus. I picked up my phone to check initial symptoms when I checked Facebook out of habit. Just an hour ago in our suburb group a lady had asked ‘Anyone sneezing today’ and about 20 people replied ‘me too’.

Suffice to say I can even get commentified testing done in 2021.

Boring week

How do you people make your weekends exciting and interesting?

The last week was so drab, dull and boring that I had half a mind to take run away to some secluded beach. I would at least spend my time collecting shells and playing in water.

Last weekend, I did nothing. The house was chakachak thanks to my new disease, so no house-work. I had finished reading a book on Friday night, did not have a new one to start. Simply whiled away time by watching TV. Next day I had planned for a walk by the lake. But thanks to the visit by the extended family of in-laws, it went bust. I spent time with my niece – after some time, even she was tired by the constant decibel levels in the main room. We went to my room, she promptly started bugging me to put Pogo. And I had to settle in with watching a cartoon movie about Barbie 🙄

This whole week, it was back to the home-work-home grind. The one thing I am starting to hate is these useless team meetings. First they keep a deadline for us to finish the project, then they call us to discuss the milestones in it. Only thing is there is no discussion, only listening. I had narrowly caught myself from nodding off right in front of my manager 😀

Tomorrow is Friday and I just got a mail stating the start of another project. God is making my life colourful. Colourful with three colours – black, white and red. What? These are the only colours which come up in the coding editor 😛