Lazy Pointers

  1. I am now cooling off my heels at parents place, which means I am triple lazy than I ever was in my whole lifetime.
  2. This laziness is seeping in all parts of my life, I am too lazy to be online too 😐
  3. Both MIL and mummy have been after me to keep walking till the end of my pregnancy, which I am happy to follow. But they are also asking me to sweep and swab the floor, which my gynec also suggested, but then again I am too lazy to do.
  4. My niece was very sad on the day I left home to depart for my parents place, so to cheer her up, all the ladies dressed her up with a cute little pattu-pavada and long hair extensions wrapped with loads of flowers.
  5. Since Zack has been freed from my constant tyranny for a minimum of 5 months, he is making full use of my absence to watch the horror and war movies which I never allowed him to download :mrgreen:
  6. I thought of writing ‘Miss you’ love letters daily, as I used to do post-engagement and pre-wedding, but then again I am feeling lazy to type them.
  7. My room at parent’s place looks and feels different. The first day after coming here, I burst into tears because I was missing my marital home bedroom very badly.
  8. I am getting more hungrier by the day, am actually eating every 2 hours. Thankfully, my laziness is helpful here. I eat instant foods, like fruits, curd, dry fruits. Otherwise I am sure my mother would put me up for adoption seeing my demand for food.
  9. I have been temporarily locked out of my Facebook account. No matter what I do, I am unable to log in. I am sure it has been hacked. I even changed my password, but I get the same message all the time, that I am locked out. Is this my punishment for my laziness 😯 How to do the penance 😥 😥