Visha’s haphazards – 1

Ask and ye shall receive Tharani go ahead and enjoy!

Bonus – I will make this a series if you get full marks 🤓

1. What are the colours you like but the colours you wear?

2. How many tabs is your phone browser having open right now?

3. Biryani tastes better next day or third?

4. What do you do with a gift that you don’t want or need but who gave is important to you?

5. If you were a fruit what fruit would you be? And why?

6. How do you tell your neighbour to share what they are cooking because it’s so damn delicious but you scolded their child yesterday for breaking your window?

7. If you had to live on a treehouse for two nights what all things will you carry? ( tech devices not allowed )

8. Your hairdresser coloured your hair red instead of brown. What is your comeback when your family sees you.

9. Share one situation which made you laugh uncontrollably in recent memory.

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I have been talking

To my refrigerator – ‘I should make use of you properly. Keep you neat and useful to me. Not mix up fruits and veggies and keep them in their own seperate drawers. Plan better to use all produce and not throw anything into bin. Do not have any leftovers to adorn you’

To my saree blouses – ‘The time is nearing. It’s been long since I could use any of you. But recently I found I fit into one of you. Slowly I hope I fit into all of you. Please don’t get your hooks rusted. I do not like the stains they leave. And ignore if I do not match you with your nine yard relative. De-coupling is in’

To my ironing board – ‘You can extend your vacation for next couple of months. Take few weeks off during Easter break as well. Just don’t creak when I move you to vacuum the room. I can’t stand that sound.’

To my knife – ‘You are getting old. But isn’t the adage old is gold applicable to you? So what if I have used you too much, doesn’t mean you should lose your sharpness! Have I ever got swayed by your fancy cousins and brought them home? Some people have 6 of you to do different kinds of cuts and I have all these years stayed loyal to you to do all kinds of cuts. Is this how you repay my faithfulness?’

To my hair – ‘I don’t understand you at all. And you are not even a teenager!? The day I wash you, why do you become so rough and touchy, the conditioner is meant to smooth you but you become all wiry. Like I am on a constant static line. And few days later when your bed is greasy you become all shiny and glossy. From scraggy to slinky in two nights. When I wash you is when I have to go out so what use are you at home when you behave the best? It’s only Boo who enjoys pulling you then. Is it her who takes care of you or me? So ungrateful!’

To my dining table – ‘It is not easy to take such load day in and day out but thanks for still standing. I agree it was too much earlier today when Boo started moving on you during breakfast, but you see she had just woken up and couldn’t wait to reach out to Moo’s plate across the table from my lap. None of us has even heard a sigh when the other night she was banging and scratching you with a fork. You poor thing! I feel you! So eternally grateful you haven’t let anything down. Not planning to change you till the girls move out for college’

To my television – ‘Since the day you arrived all your attention and retention has been captured for the offspring of the house. Close to five years you have been with us but have you thought of spending even an hour with us? No. You have to indulge and regale only Moo all the time. The day she was at school and we thought of watching something other than what you usually play, of all the days only that particular day your partner the remote had to ditch us! What planning huh, genius only. I am not going to let you and her spend much time together this year, and guess what, Moo already likes my ideas. Yes it’s my way or highway’

Sometimes I think, if I have married the right guy

Visha and Zack talking in whispers across a sleeping Moo.

* * *

“I could do something you know. As an alternative career option. Not go back to a 9 to 5 job, take care of Moo and yet earn some money”

“You already have your hands full, why do you want to stress yourself”

“It will break the monotony no”

“Ok, have you thought about something”

“Yeah, I say a flyer which came with the newspaper today. It said order meals via phone and it will be delivered in an hour. I could think on that lines. Cooking food and selling it. What do you think I cook the best?”






“Hot water.”

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