The one where no one knows

Which sentence is often repeated at my household with an average of ten times per day?

I don’t know.

Moo doesn’t know where her sock is. Zack doesn’t know where his watch is.

Zack doesn’t know where the tissue box is. Moo doesn’t know where her drawing book is.

Moo doesn’t know where the sellotape is. Zack doesn’t know where the car’s duplicate key is.

Moo doesn’t know where her hair bands are. Zack doesn’t know where his gardening gloves are.

And I don’t know where my kitchen scissors are.


The weekend has ended

And so has the blogathan

Whom will I read everyday

Now that another one is eleven months away

So many have stopped reading

Many others have stopped writing

Some have said Hi to Instagram and Twitter

Others have said Bye to the virtual world

The handful of you who come here

To listen to my rants and ramblings far and near

You bring me joy, you give me a smile

Thank you for tagging along every mile


Whenever I feel like romance is missing in my life, I listen to the Alaipayuthe jukebox and instantly there is a smile on my lips and my mood is uplifted. I have not watched the movie completely till date, but the songs, I am in love with them since long. Tamil is not my first language, I have picked it up by listening to my parents and Sun TV 😀 I cannot speak the language fluently but can manage. I enjoy listening to Tamil songs as much as I enjoy Hindi songs. Some of my favorites this season are:

I am instantly in a dreamland on hearing this song. I love everything about it, the lyrics, the acting, the music. Newly weds who are slowly getting to know each other, always rings a bell 😉

* *

I have loved this movie like anything. The most I like about this song is its picturization. Also, new love portrayed so convincingly.

* *

Now this has nothing to do with romance. But this song was a favorite among the office guys and they loved playing it during the lunch hour. It caught on pretty quickly to all of us and it became a ritual to play and dance to this song. I miss my work place badly 😦