So where are you from?

I get this question a lot. Especially from new people. And by the time I am done explaining, the raised eyebrows rephrase the same as, “so actually where are you from”?

Here is what I try to summarise but eventually end up explaining everything in detail –

I am a Telugu, who has never been to Andhra. We do not have any ancestral home in the state. But my mother tongue is Telugu.

I was born in Chennai, because thats were my mother was born and brought up and her mother resided. I heart Chennai and all things Tamil.

I was raisedΒ in Gandhinagar, Gujarat since my father had a state government job. School, college, first job – all in the land of sweet Gujaratis.

I am residing in Bangalore since four years because I moved to this city post marriage.

I can speak very well three of the four South Indian languages but cannot read or write either of them.

My Urdu speckled Hindi is impeccable, confusing people even more. How can your diction be so perfect? You look a pucca South Indian.

So my dearies, according to you, how should I answer this question πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “So where are you from?

  1. You are from India, an Indian in a real sense! I so wish I can learn a bit of any south Indian language. After moving from Ahmedabad I have a good amount of grip over Marathi and Urdu – Hindi (My love for Ghazals!). I know a bit of Bangla too. I should now learn may be Tamil?

  2. I get this question a lot too. I have bits and pieces of India in me, having had a similar background to yours. πŸ™‚ I heave a huge sigh whenever I have to explain to people where I am from, bracing myself for a whole lot of questions. I have resorted to saying – ‘I am from here and there, you know?’ The look of surprise on the questioner’s face is precious!

    One incident that happened a few years ago, and I still remember: I was travelling to Delhi to meet up with the OH who was on work there. We had plans of exploring Delhi together before he wrapped up there and we returned to Bangalore. A gentleman seated next to me was so curious about where I was from that he ended up asking me a whole lot of questions. You look like a pucca South Indian, but you are going to Delhi? Is your husband a North Indian? Oh, he isn’t? You say you can’t speak Kannada well, but you stay in Bangalore? But you speak Tamil so fluently! And your Hindi is just perfect! I ended up forcing myself to go to sleep for the next 2.5 hours so that I wouldn’t have to encounter any more questions. 😦

  3. hahahahaha πŸ˜€ Recently I have been getting this a lot as well.. I look like Telugite but speak fluent Tamil – so people get confused on which language to use while talking to me.. most of the times, both Tamilians and Telugites use English with me πŸ˜›

  4. hahaha πŸ™‚

    In my case, I belong to a small town in Madhya Pradesh. Not many people have heard of it and I get irritated if somebody asks me to explain where is it exactly. So, in order to not go through the entire ordeal, I just tell them that I belong to Udaipur. My father belongs to Udaipur. Or Jodhpur. My mother belongs to Jodhpur. This keeps it simple and no questions are asked further πŸ˜€

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