On neatness

My home is clean, but not neat.

Whenever I visit someones home, I observe how neat their living rooms are. And bedrooms, if I am invited to enter. And the bathrooms, if I need to use it. I mean everything is so neat and organized in the visiting place that during and after the visit I keep thinking why does my home always look like aย scene out of a typhoon ravaged house. Newspapers all around, books and flyers lying here and there, clothes to be folded, folded clothes to be kept inside the wardrobe, etc, etc.

Its not like when people come announced we have a messy home ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ But when someone comes suddenly, we always keep putting things away while welcoming them.

“Oh welcome, welcome, long time eh, please come in”

In the background, we are making the sofa presentable by clearing the clutter, setting the living room teapoy in the center and taking away the junk on it, sweeping the dining table of the innumerable knickknacks and assembling chairs for the guests to sit in.

And when you haveย the kids playing the hall, your feet will invariably hit something and you have to catch yourself from falling or hurting. With Moo, we always have the squeaky toys in all the rooms, even in kitchen ๐Ÿ˜€

We cannot blame the kids really. Even when they are not around, things are never where they should be. I sit and organize the bedroom every Sunday, but come Tuesday all the open cabinets become messy. The living room I have lost hope that it will ever be organized and neat always.

But, a strange thing is, you wont find a speck of dirt and dust anywhere, MIL is very particular about it. A clean, but disorganized place is where I live, sigh!


Hear here

Living Room


Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Flora and fauna

The stray dogs of my locality are growing up at an alarming rate. Yesterday when I saw two of them following me for 1.5 seconds, I raised my voice and said ‘shoooo’ and they ran away! Either they know my scent that I belong to the house which feeds them or my voice fills terror in their hearts :mrgreen:

The rose plant buds quarterly. That too one lone, single rose. By the time it blooms fully and then withers away, it’s almost a fortnight. 15 days of pretty sight as soon as I open the main door.

Since a couple of days, a small, tiny sandy white cat has been visiting our home at odd hours. Especially when we are having dinner. It meows sitting from the window sill. Yesterday it might have caught the scent of fried fish, but day before yesterday, it was beans-kurma. Do cats like beans ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ Or maybe it came to give me a glimpse ๐Ÿ˜€

Each flower of the ridge-gourd plant is under high scrutiny. The ants eat away the sweet pollens thus leaving no chance for us to relish the vegetable. So FIL is always on his toes, spraying his herbal medicine on the plant as soon it starts flowering. We have been able to save 3 flowers as of today.

Can you guess who makes the biggest noise when we are in our deepest slumbers? The heavily grunting pigs! I have no idea what they have to discuss right outside our bedroom and why they choose this place to convene regularly without fail. We won’t get a sight of them all day long but come midnight, they make their presence felt. Sigh.

Some new variety of pink flowers are blooming alongside the jasmine plants. The two make a beautiful couple. The pink ones do not give out any fragrance, but they have the jasmine’s scent hint lingering on them. The pentagon shaped petals sit perfectly on the photo frames in the prayer room.